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Who is the Tortured Prisoner?

The Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen is an important NPC who can provide crucial assistance to players. Despite appearing inconspicuous at first, this character possesses unique abilities that can aid players in their journey. However, players must first free the Tortured Prisoner from her confinements to unlock her full potential.

Where Can You Find the Tortured Prisoner?

The Tortured Prisoner can initially be found in Pilgrim’s Perch, inside a sealed cell in the lower levels. To locate her, players must venture to the lowest levels of Pilgrim’s Perch and navigate through maze-like corridors. The Tortured Prisoner can be found on the upper level, inside her cell.

How to Free the Tortured Prisoner

Freeing the Tortured Prisoner is no easy task, but it is essential to unlock her abilities. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to free her:

  1. Switch to the Umbral Realm to navigate the crypt.
  2. Search for three Umbral Blockers in the crypt’s main chamber and break them.
  3. Retrieve the Searing Accusation spell-casting item from the wall.
  4. Take the Searing Accusation item to the Tortured Prisoner in her cell to free her.

What Happens After Freeing the Tortured Prisoner

After delivering the Searing Accusation item, the Tortured Prisoner will move from her cell. Players can find her outside Pieta’s boss arena on the Skyrest Bridge. She transforms into a trader and offers fire spells and a catalyst for purchase. Additionally, defeating the giant in the Lower City Slums boss battle will unlock another quest to relocate her to Calrath City.

How to Summon the Tortured Prisoner

Once freed, the Tortured Prisoner can be summoned in a fight using the Pyromancer’s Bell found in her cell. By equipping and using the Pyromancer’s Bell, players can call the Tortured Prisoner to join the battle as an ally. She is particularly effective against foes resistant to fire.

What Does the Inferno Magic Vendor Offer

After moving locations, the Tortured Prisoner becomes the Inferno Magic Vendor and offers a variety of spells and catalysts for players to purchase. Some notable spells include Conflagration, Fiery Blast, Fire Wall, Immolation, and Inferno. Players can also buy the Inferno Catalyst, Pyromancer’s Bell, and Descrier Armor Set from her.

These powerful spells and items make it imperative for players to free the Tortured Prisoner in Lords of the Fallen. not only does she provide valuable resources, but she also becomes one of the most formidable allies in the game. Don’t miss the opportunity to liberate this crucial NPC.