How to connect power lines in Cities: Skylines II

Cities: Skylines II: How to Connect Power Lines

To connect power lines in Cities: Skylines II, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the power lines option from the Electricity menu.
  2. Click anywhere on the map.
  3. Draw a straight line to connect the power lines.

By doing this, the game will automatically connect each power line, creating a functional structure for your city.

However, connecting power lines alone won’t be enough. It’s essential to link them to a power plant, as they need to be connected to an energy source.

Cities Skylines Ii Power Plant Connect

You may be wondering why a single power plant isn’t sufficient to provide electricity to your entire city. The reason is that if you create new residential, commercial, or industrial zones far from the plant, they won’t receive the power it generates.

There are two options for tackling this issue:

  1. Create a new power plant specifically for the new area. This ensures that power is delivered effectively to each zone. If you do this, you can optimize energy distribution and usage by connecting both power plants with power lines.
  2. Build transformer stations, which won’t produce as much power as a new plant but will safeguard the new construction area from pollution. These stations receive electricity from power plants and distribute it to the connected area.

Cities Skylines Ii Transformer Station

Remember to distribute energy effectively throughout your city to prevent any complications. Neglecting this can result in disgruntled citizens and potential disaster, as a blackout is highly undesirable in today’s technologically advanced era.