How to catch crabs in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver – How to Catch All Crab Types

Discovering and catching different types of crabs is an exciting part of the game Dave the Diver. In this guide, we will discuss the strategies needed to catch each crab, including the special ones. Whether you want to experiment with various crab recipes or simply collect them all, we’ve got you covered.

Catching Random Crabs

The easiest crabs to catch in Dave the Diver are the Sally Lightfoot Crabs. These crabs can be found at depths ranging from 130 to 250 meters. It’s important to note that they only appear during the daytime and are scattered randomly throughout the ocean. While these crabs are not considered special, they still require a bit of skill to capture.

Catching Spider Crabs

If you’re aiming to catch a Spider Crab, you’ll need a Steel Net Gun. These elusive creatures dwell in the depths of the Blue Hole, approximately 190 meters below its surface. Make sure to equip your Steel Net Gun and shoot the Spider Crab to successfully catch it. Using this method will help you consistently obtain a high-quality, 3-star Spider Crab.

Catching the Truck Hermit Crab

The Truck Hermit Crab, a formidable boss in Dave the Diver, requires some preparation to catch. First, you must progress to Chapter 3 and complete Duff’s Dream. Once you’ve accomplished this, embark on a night dive. As you explore the depths, you will hear Sato mention whirlpools in the Blue Hole. This signals that you are about to encounter the Truck Hermit Crab.

To defeat the Truck Hermit Crab, you must be swift and cunning. Avoid its attacks while utilizing the explosive barrels that spawn in the arena. Strategically damaging the crab with these barrels is the key to coming out victorious.

If you want to learn more about Dave the Diver, check out our other articles dedicated to the game. Happy crab hunting!

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