How to heal in Alan Wake 2

Healing is a crucial aspect of playing Alan Wake 2. In order to survive the dark and dangerous world of the game, it is important to know how to heal both Alan Wake and Sage Anderson. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to restore health, and we will explain each method below.

How to Heal in Alan Wake 2

There are several methods to heal your characters in Alan Wake 2, as long as you can find enough health pickups. Here are the ways to heal:

  • First Aid Kits: These pickups will fully restore your health. However, they take up two slots in your inventory.
  • Painkillers: These are a common way to heal yourself. While they provide a small amount of health initially, they gradually restore more over time.
  • Trauma Packs: These packs are rarer than painkillers, so use them sparingly. They restore a moderate amount of health, making them valuable against tougher enemies.

Alan Wake 2 Saga Using A Flare

How to Determine Your Health Level

In Alan Wake 2, the HUD is minimalistic, allowing for an immersive experience. To check your health, look at the bottom right corner of the screen. Instead of a traditional health bar, you will see a half circle below your equipped weapon.

Since the game does not pause when in the Mind Room or inventory, it is advisable to find a safe spot to heal yourself before proceeding. Alternatively, try to stay in well-lit areas to avoid taking damage from the darkness.

Healing Perks for Sage Anderson

In addition to the aforementioned healing methods, each character has unique perks. These perks provide various buffs, including improvements to health. Below are the health perks specifically for Saga Anderson:

  • Coffee Mug Charm: Prevents death when activated, but can only be used once per coffee mug.
  • Lighthouse Charm: Increases the amount of health restored in safe rooms.
  • Saw-off Shotgun Upgrade – Ready For More: Restores a small amount of health with each shotgun kill.
  • Valhalla Nursing Home Charm: Enhances the effects of Painkillers and Trauma Packs.

Alan Wake 2 Saga Talking To Two Characters

Methods to Heal Alan Wake

Similar to Saga Anderson, Alan Wake has his own methods of healing. Instead of charms, he can utilize Words of Power glyphs to gain buffs. Here are the Words of Power glyphs related to healing:

  • Words of Aid – ER and Prescription: Painkillers and Trauma Packs restore significantly more health.
  • Words of Fix – Wellness Retreat, Wheels Within Wheels, and God Rays: Increases overall health.
  • Words of War – Goes Around: Provides extra health when using the Flare Gun, but successful shots are necessary for the perk to activate.

Alan Wake 2 Alan In The Dark World

Alan Wake 2 is currently available on the Epic Game Store.