How to find all maps in Alan Wake 2

List of Maps in Alan Wake 2

In order to navigate the various areas of Alan Wake 2 more easily, it’s crucial to have the appropriate maps. However, these maps aren’t simply handed to you – you’ll need to do some searching and exploration to find them. To assist you in your journey, we have compiled a list of all the map locations, saving you the trouble of individually searching each area.

Bright Falls Map

When you first enter Bright Falls, there are three different locations where you can find a map. The closest one is located on the noticeboard to your right as you begin your exploration. Another can be found inside a room in the Elderwood Palace Lodge. Finally, as you continue along the initial path, you will come across a telephone on your left. The map can be found next to the telephone.

Cauldron Lake Map

As soon as you start this area, you will encounter a parking area where the map is located. It shouldn’t be difficult to spot.

Dark Place Map

Once you enter the Dark Place, you’ll come across a telephone booth with a ringing telephone. Just behind the booth, you can find the Dark Place map.

Oceanview Hotel Map

Upon entering the Oceanview Hotel, head behind the reception desk to find the map.

Poet’s Cinema Map

Make your way to the Staff Room of Poet’s Cinema, where you’ll find the map hanging on a noticeboard.

Sheriff Station Map

Upon entering the Sheriff Station, explore the area until you come across a noticeboard that holds the map.

Subway Map

Continue through the subway until you reach a tunnel with the symbol of two triangles pointing downwards. Just before the tunnel, there will be a door on your right. Inside, you can find the Subway map.

Talkshow Studio Map

Obtaining this map is a bit more complicated than the others. You need to interact with the janitor and acquire the key to the downstairs area from him. Once you reach the lower level, the map will be right in front of you.

Valhalla Nursing Home Map

Inside Rose’s office at Valhalla Nursing Home, you can find the map hanging on the wall.

Wellness Center Map

After entering the Wellness Center, proceed through the lobby until you come across a noticeboard where you can find the map.

Watery Map

Upon reaching the area, enter Suomi Hall to find the Watery map.

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