How to Get Shieldbreaker Ship in Starfield

How to Get the Shieldbreaker Ship in Starfield

The Shieldbreaker ship is one of the top Class B ships available in Starfield, particularly if you’re looking for a ship focused on combat. It also has a strong cargo capacity, making it a great choice for long hauls. If you’re interested in upgrading your ship or expanding your collection, we’ll guide you on how to obtain the Shieldbreaker ship in Starfield.

Starfield Shieldbreaker Ship Location

Fortunately, finding the Shieldbreaker ship in Starfield is relatively easy. Most Ship Service Technicians in high-population areas will have it in stock. You can purchase the ship at any of the following locations:

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  • New Atlantis: Located in the Alpha Centauri system, on Jemison, where The Lodge is stationed.
  • Red Mile: Located in the Porrima system, on Porrima III. Start at Alpha Centauri and head east to find the star.
  • The Key: A space station located in the Kryx system, orbiting Suvorov. You’ll need to join the Crimson Fleet if you want to purchase the Shieldbreaker ship from them.
  • Akila City: Located in the Cheyenne system, on Akila. From Alpha Centauri, head northeast towards Narion, and then head northeast again.
  • Cydonia: Located in the Sol system, on Mars. It’s neighboring Alpha Centauri.

Out of these options, the recommended location is New Atlantis. While the ship technician’s stock may vary, the Shieldbreaker ship has always been available for sale on Jemison. It will cost you 280,000 Credits, so make sure to bring enough funds. If you have joined the UC Vanguard and earned citizenship, you’ll receive a citizen’s discount. If you don’t find it immediately, wait 48 in-game hours and check again.

Should You Buy the Shieldbreaker Ship in Starfield?

Whether you should purchase the Shieldbreaker ship in Starfield depends on your progress in the game. To fly the ship, you need at least Class B clearance, which requires investing three skill points into the Piloting skill. This is a worthwhile investment regardless. If you have the funds, it’s recommended to go for it. The Shieldbreaker is a powerful combat ship with a cargo capacity of 2280 and solid grav jump capabilities.

  • Reactor: 27 (B Class)
  • Jump: 22 LY
  • Shield: 610
  • LAS: 24
  • BAL: 28
  • MSL: 58
  • Crew Stations: 5
  • Cargo: 2280
  • Fuel: 550

Compared to a stock-level Frontier ship, the Shieldbreaker offers double the stats in most areas. The five crew stations are also a significant advantage as they allow you to stack companion bonuses for a more effective ship.

That’s how you can obtain the Shieldbreaker ship in Starfield. It excels in combat with its impressive damage and defense, as well as its ability to haul cargo. For more content, be sure to check out the links below and read our Starfield review!

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