Lies of P developers plan to “ease the difficulty level” of the start of the game

Changes Coming to Lies of P to Ease Difficulty

If you were intimidated by the challenging difficulty of Lies of P, the Pinocchio-themed soulslike game, then you’ll be happy to know that adjustments are on the way to make the beginning of your journey a bit more manageable.

In a new ‘Director’s Letter’ video posted on YouTube today (November 1), Ji Won Choi, the director of Lies of P, revealed plans for a sequel and DLC, as well as an upcoming patch that will make tweaks to certain weapons. Additionally, the developers will be addressing the game’s high difficulty at the start by making adjustments to Pinocchio’s default skills, which may have posed challenges for some players.

According to Choi, “We’ve received feedback that the character’s default stats seem insufficient, and that the game demands a considerable degree of control and skill. Yes, we sure have heard about the shovel puppet at Venigni Works,” referring to the notoriously challenging enemy encountered in the third area of the game.

To mitigate the difficulty level in the early stages, the developers plan to give the protagonist the Rising Dodge ability as a default skill, eliminating the need to unlock it from the P-Organ. Additionally, Polendina will sell two additional Quartz from the first stage of his shop. These adjustments aim to enhance the combat experience and provide players with a sense of improvement earlier in the game.

Rising Dodge allows players to execute a dodge maneuver when knocked down, which will undoubtedly come in handy when facing formidable enemies. Quartz, on the other hand, is an upgrade material used to unlock more abilities through the P-Organ. By granting players more access to Quartz earlier in the game, they will have more options to fine-tune their approach.

It’s not entirely clear if these changes will be part of the upcoming patch. However, based on the director’s statements, players can anticipate a slightly more forgiving start to the game in the near future. While some fans of the challenging soulslike genre may find the idea of making things easier controversial, others will likely be relieved.

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