Lords of the Fallen patch features over 100 fixes, buffs bosses, and refines AI behavior

Lords of the Fallen Gets Major Patch with Over 100 Enhancements

The popular video game Lords of the Fallen has recently received a significant patch that brings numerous improvements, fixes, and adjustments to enhance players’ gaming experience. Update v.1.1.282 is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and it introduces a range of changes aimed at addressing stability and performance issues, crashing problems, and various bug fixes.

Aside from stability improvements, the patch also introduces additional save game safeguards, improvements to cooperative play, more diversity in player versus player (PvP) interactions, and vital balancing changes. However, the most notable highlight of this update is the focus on boss changes. Many players found some bosses too easy, and the development team at Hexworks Studios has listened to the feedback and made several bosses more challenging. The Sanctified Huntress, Griefbound, the Sundered One, and another formidable boss located in a treacherous dark area have all been made more difficult.

Moreover, Hexworks has addressed the imbalance created by boss weapons and spells heavily utilized in PvP battles, resulting in a less diverse gameplay experience. With the new update, boss weapons now have ten levels instead of five, and their upgrade curve has been adjusted. Although they remain powerful, they are no longer overpowered in PvP.

In addition to boss changes, the AI has also been refined to be more responsive. For instance, the Scarlet Shadow boss has received various improvements to make it more dangerous and harder to defeat through exploitative tactics. The developer explained that players can no longer hide from the Scarlet Shadow by taking an elevator or positioning themselves on advantageous assets to shoot without being touched. The AI-controlled Scarlet Shadow has become more resourceful and has acquired new strategies to counter such player behavior.

To further enhance its challenge, the Scarlet Shadow now possesses improved traversal abilities, including the capacity to jump up and down platforms, making it significantly more difficult for players to escape. Other AI enemies in Upper Calrath, Sunless Skein, Depths, Cistern, Fief, Manse, Path of Devotion, Abbey, and Bramis Castle have also received additional polish in this patch.

For a comprehensive list of all the changes brought by this update, you can visit the official Steam page for Lords of the Fallen. It is worth noting that a previous patch for the game included the introduction of a New Game Plus mode, allowing players who have already completed the game to experience additional challenges.

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