How to catch Lobster in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver: How to Catch Lobster

In the underwater world of Dave the Diver, capturing lobsters can be a challenging yet rewarding task. With the addition of Crab Traps in the October update, players now have the means to obtain crabs and lobsters. To unlock these traps, players must complete a new questline triggered by speaking with Duwa, the Blacksmith of Sea People Village.


To access this questline, players must first complete the base game. If you have an unfinished game, like I did, you’ll need to complete the entirety of the game before embarking on this new journey. Once you speak with Duwa, you’ll learn that he needs a Horsehair Crab for a remedy to his cough, which can be found in the Glacial Area.

How to Craft a Crab Trap in Dave the Diver

After you craft the trap and collect the crab, you will be able to craft and use Crab Traps freely across the ocean. To craft a Crab Trap, you’ll need the following materials:

Dave The Diver Lobster Crab Trap
  • 2x Rope
  • 2x Scrap Iron
  • 3x Wood
  • 1x Tiger Shark Tooth

The first three materials can be found scattered throughout the sea. However, obtaining the Tiger Shark Tooth may prove more challenging, as you’ll need to hunt for a Tiger Shark and hope it drops its tooth. Swim within the 50-130m range in the ocean to increase your chances. Once you have all the materials, craft your Crab Trap and position it near crevices with bubbles. Use any fish you’ve collected as bait and let it sit. When the green check appears, collect your reward, which can include lobsters. Using higher-rank fish may yield higher-tier crabs and lobsters.

Utilize the Crab Traps throughout the sea, particularly in the Great Blue Hole and the Glacial Area, as these locations offer a greater variety of lobsters and crabs. Enjoy your feast!