The Talos Principle 2 Sphinx Statue Guide – All Sphinx Puzzles And Stars

The Talos Principle 2 Unveils Hidden Puzzles and Secrets

The Talos Principle 2 is known for its mysterious secrets, and one of the biggest secrets lies within the special extra puzzles hidden in each of the game’s 12 main areas. These areas feature large statues or monuments dedicated to the game’s three spectral characters: Pandora, Prometheus, and the Sphinx. These monuments hold the key to uncovering stars, which are crucial for unlocking the game’s most intriguing secrets and rewards.

A Guide to Solving the Sphinx Monuments

The puzzles related to the Sphinx monuments may not be as challenging as those tied to the Pandora statues, but they can still be tricky. These puzzles usually involve finding specific locations within the area and employing spatial reasoning. However, determining the exact path the game intends you to take can be confusing since there is no comprehensive map to guide you. This guide will help you navigate through the Sphinx monuments and solve every puzzle, allowing you to unlock all the hidden treasures in the game.

East 2

If you head to the no. 3 puzzle room, you’ll find the Sphinx monument to the right of the transit system. On the front of the monument, there is a plaque with the numbers 2, 4, 7, and 8 marked on it. To solve this puzzle, you need to locate the switches hidden on the backs of the signs that mark the numbered puzzle rooms. However, you only need to activate the switches mentioned on the monument: 2, 4, 7, and 8. After flipping all four switches, return to the monument to claim your star.

East 3

The Sphinx monument near the no. 4 puzzle room has a plaque depicting a large human statue and the star-shaped tower at the center of the area. The puzzle requires you to find a specific spot to solve it. Head to the left of the transit system, down by the coast. Look for a spot up the hill from the human statue and navigate past the small surrounding pond. On a small overlook area with a palm terminal, you’ll spot a couple of concrete pillars to the left. One of these pillars contains a switch that will help you solve the puzzle.

North 1

Find the Sphinx monument at the top of the mountain behind the no. 7 puzzle room. The plaque on this monument features a map of the area with the letters T, A, and C surrounding three specific locations. Each letter corresponds to a cube-like switch pattern you must find on the outside walls of three puzzle rooms. The map can be confusing since it is flipped and does not offer clear guidance. Begin with puzzle room no. 7 and follow the path along the right wall. You’ll come across a square shape made up of nine gold cubes. Push in the required cubes to form the letter T. Repeat this process for puzzle rooms no. 8 and the area south of the tower to complete the A and C patterns respectively.

North 2

As you arrive, you’ll find the Sphinx monument right in front of the transit station. The plaque features three spots marked on the map, indicating the locations where you’ll find switches to flip. To complete the puzzle, head to the no. 1 puzzle room and look for a path along the outer wall on the right side. Follow the path north and east toward the water’s edge to find a statue with a switch. The second switch is located at the far eastern end of the area, where you’ll find a path leading through the woods. Follow the path south until you reach a statue with a switch. The third switch can be found on a small island with a monument tower. Cross the tetromino bridge and use the sandbar to reach the island, where you’ll locate the switch. Flip all three switches to complete the puzzle.

South 1

Look for the Sphinx monument near the tower, close to where you start in this area. The plaque depicts a series of cubes, some filled in solid gold and others empty. To solve this puzzle, head down from the transit station and follow the winding path east through the water. Eventually, you’ll come across a series of stone pillars on a small beach. Stand facing north, back to the water, and orient yourself with the pillars just as they appear on the plaque. Activate the pillars that are filled in as shown on the plaque to complete the puzzle.

South 3

The Sphinx monument near the no. 3 puzzle room presents a map with several locations where you’ll find switches. To solve this puzzle, head to the designated monument and follow the corresponding locations. After completing each area, you can find the switches hidden within the puzzles. Flip all the switches to successfully complete the puzzle.

Uncovering and solving all the Sphinx monuments and puzzles in The Talos Principle 2 is a rewarding and challenging endeavor. Use this guide to help you navigate through the game and unlock all the hidden secrets and rewards it has to offer.