Xbox Insider Release Notes – Omega (2311.231106-1030)

Hey there, Xbox Insiders! We’re excited to announce that a new Xbox Update Preview is on its way to the Omega ring. In this preview, we’ve focused on making background improvements to ensure a high-quality and stable build for Xbox consoles. While the noticeable changes to the UI may be minimal, we still want to keep you informed about the updates coming to your device. Here are the details:

System Update Details

OS version released: XB_FLT_2311ZN25398.2887.231106-1030

Available: 4 p.m. PT – November 9, 2023

Mandatory: 4 p.m. PT – November 10, 2023

Note: This update may not occur automatically before it has already become mandatory. You can always find the most current update as soon as it is available by opening the Guide > Profile & system > Settings > System > Updates. Newly enrolled users in this ring are not guaranteed to receive all early updates, but they’ll receive the update prior to the GA release. Additionally, a small subset of users may remain on their current GA build once they enroll until the next system update becomes mandatory for the public.

Visit the Xbox Insider Program FAQ to learn more.

New Features and Experiences

We’re thrilled to announce that Omega users can expect some exciting new features coming to their Xbox Update Preview:


Today, we’re releasing a new version of the Xbox Wireless Controller firmware which includes various fixes, such as:

  • Fixes to address some controllers failing to update firmware as expected
  • Enabling shift-mode for keyboard button mapping for Xbox controllers through the Xbox Accessories app

If your controller needs an update, you will be prompted to install it once the controller is powered on and connects to your console. You can also open the Xbox Accessories app to install the update manually if you missed or dismissed the prompt.

Language & Location – Input

We have re-added the option to choose specific keyboard layouts for physical Japanese keyboards. For example, you can choose between the 106/109 keyboard layouts for Japanese or the 101/102 English keyboard layout.

Notifications – Store

With today’s update, we’re adding a new wish list notification type for “Wish list item Free Play Days”, so you will be notified when games on your wish list are available to play during Xbox Free Play Days. You can adjust if and how you will see these notifications by navigating to Settings > Preferences > Notifications > Xbox notifications > Store.

Fixes Implemented

Thanks to the hard work of Xbox engineers, we are happy to announce the following fixes have been implemented for this build:


  • Fixed an unexpected error indicating there is not enough space when recording clips to an external drive


Fixes to improve unexpected issues when installing games and apps.

Settings – Personalization

Fixed an issue where dynamic backgrounds could sometimes load indefinitely when loading the preview.


Various updates to properly reflect local languages across the console.

Xbox Accessories App

Fixes to improve navigation with an attached keyboard when editing profiles.

Known Issues

We are aware of some issues that have been listed in previous Xbox Insider Release Notes. While these items aren’t being ignored, it may take Xbox engineers more time to find a solution. Here are some of the known issues:


We have received reports of users experiencing intermittent issues with audio across the dashboard, games, and apps. If you have experienced issues, be sure you have the latest firmware updates for your TV and other equipment. If you’re unsure, you may need to contact the manufacturer for assistance.


We are investigating reports of an issue where the console may not connect to the network as expected on boot. If you experience this, be sure to report the issue via Report a Problem as soon as you’re able.

Workaround: Wait a minute for the connection to establish. If your console still hasn’t connected, restart your Xbox from the Power Center by holding the Xbox button > Restart console > Restart.

How to Get Xbox Insider Support

If you’re an Xbox Insider looking for support, please reach out to the community subreddit. Official Xbox staff, moderators, and fellow Xbox Insiders are there to help with your concerns.

When posting to the subreddit, please look through most recent posts to see if your issue has already been posted or addressed. We always recommend adding to threads with the same issue before posting a brand new one. This helps us support you the best we can!

Don’t forget to use “Report a problem” before posting—the information shared in both places helps us understand your issue better.

Thank you to every Xbox Insider in the subreddit today. We love that it has become such a friendly and community-driven hub of conversation and support.

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