Save Big On Destiny Collectibles At Amazon Ahead Of Black Friday

Destiny 2 Black Friday Sale

Destiny 2 has always been known for both its gameplay and for a wide range of attractive merchandise. Even this Black Friday, there are several official Destiny 2 gear pieces that are on sale and would make a great gift for any Destiny 2 fan. From collectible statues to plushies to scaled-down helmets, there is something for every kind of fan.

Destiny 2 Collectible Statues

The gang is all here.

Amazon offers an impressive lineup of Destiny 2 collectible statues that perfectly capture the essence of the game. From detailed replicas of characters to standard Ghost shell replicas, there’s something for every fan and collector.

Destiny 2 Plushies

It must be protected at all costs.
It must be protected at all costs.

For something more cuddly, Destiny 2 plushies are a perfect choice. The Hive Worm, Fallen baby, and Servitor plushies are especially adorable and would make great additions to any collection.

Destiny 2 Helmets

These scaled-down helmets aren't wearable unless you have a tragically tiny head.
These scaled-down helmets aren’t wearable unless you have a tragically tiny head.

While full-size Destiny 2 helmets require a 3D printer, the scaled-down replicas are a great alternative. From the Hunter Exotic helmet to the Warlock Exotic helmet, there’s a helmet for every fan.

Other Destiny 2 Merchandise

Same, Drifter, same.
Same, Drifter, same.

Aside from collectible statues, plushies, and helmets, there are other Destiny 2 items available for fans. From Christmas tree ornaments to trendy caps and polarized lenses, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.