How to get Bronze quality vegetables and fruit in Coral Island

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Coral Island: How to Grow Higher Quality Crops

There are quests in Coral Island that require acquiring bronze-quality crops. These crops sell for more, making it a worthwhile venture. Here’s how to grow bronze-quality vegetables and fruits.

How to Upgrade Your Produce

How To Get Bronze Quality Vegetables And Fruit In Coral Island Lab
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One way to upgrade your produce is by interacting with the computer inside Ling’s Lab in Starlet Town. Select the option “Upgrade Produce Quality,” and you’ll be on your way to growing higher-quality crops. The first seed upgrade to level one is for Bronze seeds, and it requires five Bronze kelp essence. Upgrading the seeds costs 2,000 coins and takes two days to complete. You can obtain Bronze kelp essence using an Extractor. Processing Bronze kelp in any Extractor will yield Bronze kelp essence, which you can find while diving.

How to Obtain Fertilizer

How To Get Bronze Quality Vegetables And Fruit In Coral Island Fertilizer
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Another method to grow higher quality crops is by using Fertilizer while planting. It increases the chances of growing quality crops. You can purchase Fertilizer at the General Store or craft it yourself using two Compost and one Sap. It’s advisable to use Fertilizer while waiting to upgrade your seeds at the laboratory, especially since obtaining enough Bronze kelp may take time.

With bronze-quality crops, you’ll be able to bring some impressive ingredients to the hotpot at the Cherry Blossom Festival!

Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.