Here’s Why Lego Horizon Adventures Isn’t on Xbox, Per Sony

Sony and Guerrilla Games Address Lack of Lego Horizon Adventures on Xbox

Fans have been wondering why there is no release of Lego Horizon Adventures on the Xbox platform, especially since the game is coming to PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

During an interview with GameFile‘s Stephen Totilo, Guerrilla Games narrative director James Windeler gave a vague response to this question. Sony’s rationale for releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch was to cater to the “family-friendly” and “younger audience” demographics.

When asked about the absence of an Xbox version, Windeler mentioned that the focus is on maximizing the potential of the PS5 hardware. While this answer might seem unrelated to the question, it hints at the concept of platform exclusivity rather than technical limitations.

Although Windeler stated that there are no current plans for an Xbox release, he left a slight possibility open for the future.