Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remake Not Being Made by Guerrilla

The rumored Horizon Zero Dawn remake (or remaster) for the PS5 is not being developed by Guerrilla Games, according to PlayStation insider Colin Moriarty. The game’s existence has not been officially confirmed by Sony or Guerrilla, but it was outed via a leaked internal Sony document that also mentioned the all-but-confirmed Horizon multiplayer game.

Who’s developing Horizon Zero Dawn remake/remaster?

First things first, the leaked document mentioned Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS5 but it’s unclear whether it’ll be a remake akin to The Last of Us Part 1 or simply a remaster for the current gen. Nevertheless, Moriarty said on a recent episode of the Sacred Symbols+ podcast (via ComicBook) that the game is in development outside of Guerrilla Games.

“We’re also assuming that [Guerrilla] is making the Horizon remake thing there, although, if that’s real, what I’ve heard is that it’s at another team,” Moriarty said. However, he didn’t say which team or if he even has this information.

This is hardly surprising considering Guerrilla is tied up in a number of projects, going by its job listings alone, and Sony often tasks its support teams at PlayStation Studios with remakes and remasters. It’s possible that the PS Visual Arts team is involved, as usual.

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