How to use and change emotes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has proven to be a successful sequel to the original hit multiplayer game. The first-person shooter brought many players back to the franchise, and invited new ones, thanks to its core gameplay, variety of modes and maps, and its eclectic selection of heroes. And because it’s also free. Regardless, the range of designs, personalities, and gameplay provided by each hero is truly impressive. While it’s fun to make the most of them in combat, players have also come to enjoy using emotes to communicate a thought or feeling they have with others, And here is how to use and change emotes in Overwatch 2.

Emotes were a large part of the fun when it came to unlocking new cosmetics in the original Overwatch, and that hasn’t changed in Overwatch 2. So, how do you use emotes during gameplay and change them when you feel like mixing things up?

Using and changing emotes in Overwatch 2

To use an emote in Overwatch 2 you must be playing the game. That might mean brushing up on your skills in the training range, finding a custom game, or playing in a regular online match. When you have loaded into a game, you’re free to emote to your heart’s content. To emote, simply hold ‘C’ on your keyboard to open up the communication wheel. Select ‘Emote’ from the top of the communication wheel to bring up your chosen selection of emotes. Select one to use it.

Every character in Overwatch 2 has more emotes than you can select from the menu while playing. That makes it necessary to pick and choose which emotes you’re going to take with you into a match. To change emotes, go to the ‘Heroes’ screen from the main menu. Choose a hero whose emotes you wish to change, then select ‘Emotes.’ From here, you can pick and choose the emotes you want this hero to have equipped the next time you use them in a match. You can also set the emote function to a hotkey.

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