System Shock remake set for March release window

The upcoming System Shock remake from Nightdive Studios seems to finally have a confirmed release window. Last October, System Shock‘s Steam page showed a release window for March 2023. But this was far from a confirmation that the game would actually release in that month. However, Nightdive Studios has officially confirmed this window on System Shock‘s Kickstarter page.

Nightdive Studios acknowledges that this may not be new information for people who have followed the project closely. But the developer mentions that “the scope and scale of the project has evolved dramatically” over the past few years. That isn’t surprising to hear as much of the games industry is still shaking off some of the problems brought on by the pandemic. Luckily, it seems the System Shock remake is headed for a strong launch in its March release window.

Polishing up System Shock

In the Kickstarter post, Nightdive Studios also showed off some of the new additions it’s made to the System Shock remake. These range from added animations when scanning keycards, to new enemy variants and updated visual effects for weapons. And capping off the list is a sneak peek at the custom dismemberment model. Each enemy will have its own dismemberment model, and the short video in the post used the Avian Mutant as an example. Clearly, there’s a lot of love going into the System Shock remake.

Image via Nightdive Studios

It’s been a very long time since its announcement, but the long-awaited remake is finally landing soon. As of now, there’s no exact date beyond System Shock remake’s March release window. But as we get closer to March, we’re bound to get word on when we can expect the game. The developer is likely still putting on the finishing touches. So, until the time comes for the System Shock remake to finally drop, maybe it’s a good time to revisit System Shock 2 for old times’ sake.

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