GTA V Treasure Hunt Guide

If you’re thinking of doing the Doomsday Heist Update’s Treasure Hunt mission, it includes a cute Red Dead double-action revolver. Hunts can be overwhelming, so here are all the GTA V Treasure Hunt clue locations.

Participation in the hunt requires participation in an online session. You will then receive an email (in-game) with one of the locations. Once he finds this, he also needs to track 3 locations. These three will lead you to the most crucial treasure chests. You’ll hear a wind chime when you get close to the right spot. Note that if you exit prematurely, you will have to reboot.

GTA Treasure Hunt Clue Locations

Each photo you receive by email contains one of the 20 available locations. A marker with a yellow question mark appears on the map to indicate the extent of your search. This can get big, so we’re here to help.

The clues you must find are notes attached to rocks, furniture, and other objects.

  • Location #1: Del Perro Pier
    • Under the pier, on the pillar.
  • Location #2: Mount Josiah/Cassidy Creek
    • On a large boulder at the summit of
  • Location #3: Vinewood Hills
    • Found on the tourist information board at the top of the Hill.
  • Location #4: Pacific Bluffs Cemetery
    • Found in a large tombstone in Hill Valley Church Cemetery.
  • Location #5: Tongva Hills Vineyards
    • Under the bridge, on a rock.
  • Location #6: San Chianski Mountain Range
    • On a large rock near the boat and house.
  • Location #7: Great Chaparral Church
    • On top of a headstone in a cemetery.
  • Location #8: Cassidy Creek
    • Found in a tree by the bridge.
  • Location #9: Tataviam Mountains
    • Found in the lower wall of the canyon – but you have to find the mountains right.
  • Location #10: Sandy Shores / Alamo Sea
    • Go to the peninsula. Found on a rock next to the ship.
  • Location #11: Grand Senora Desert
    • Found attached to the wall of an abandoned building.
  • Location #12: San Chianski Mountain Range
    • Found in a wooden cross at the top of the peak.
  • Location #13: Los Santos Golf Club
  • Location #14: Pacific Ocean
    • Found on a rock on the peninsula of the Pacific Ocean Beach.
  • Location #15: Paleto Bay
    • Found under a broken bridge.
  • Location #16: Great Chaparral
    • Found in a communications tower on a hill.
  • Location #17: Sandy Shores
    • On the mountain, on the table.
  • Location #18: Mount Chiliad
    • On the mountain, on the table.
  • Location #19: Tongva Hills / Two Hoots Falls
    • Above the owl-shaped totem pole.
  • Location #20: Sandy Shores
    • Find clues on the tallest mountain.

The Three Clues

Unfortunately, the treasure still needs to be found after locating the photo. This is just the beginning of the treasure hunt. You’ll then be presented with three fixed locations to move to on the map, giving clues as to where to find the treasure.

These clues include a corpse, a shovel, and a small locker.

We’ve indicated their locations just below:

  • Crate Location: Joad Lane Tree
  • Shovel Location: Sandy Shores Beach
  • Corpse Location: Tongva Hills Cave

Double Action Revolver Treasure

Finding all three clues in GTA Online will display the following in-game message: ‘The final location of the treasure has been revealed.

Go to a location on the map, and you’ll find families killing each other and leaving treasure chests on the ground. Open the treasure chest to claim your reward: a golden double-action revolver. Finding weapons unlocks new challenges for the player and provides another great reward. Details are below.

How to beat the Double Action Revolver Challenge

Acquire the Gold Double Action Revolver, and you will be awarded the Headshot Challenge.

Doing this will give you an additional reward of GTA$250,000 (directly deposited into your Maze Bank account) and unlock weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 (if you have a linked Social Club account).

You don’t have to headshot other players. Instead, you can do 50 headshots against NPCs if needed. This makes the process much faster and easier to accomplish. You’ll also get an on-screen notification every ten headshots, so you know how far you need to go.

If you want to check your progress later, you’ll need to navigate the pause menu as follows:

Pause Menu > Stats > Weapons > Double Action Revolvers > Current Headshot count is on the last page.

This has helped you find all the treasure locations you seek. It would be a crying shame not to get all the loot, double-action revolver, and additional money you can receive. Good luck to you all, treasure hunters!

That’s all you need to know about GTA Online Treasure Hunt. With so much content, it’s alright to look for guides, especially with how big the map is in GTA V. Speaking of guides, you can click this link if you’re looking for other GTA guides, updates, and news.

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