PS Stars Level 5 Collectible ‘Bots Don’t Breathe’ Diorama Has Leaked

The PS Stars Level 5 Collectible has leaked. Thanks to especially attentive individuals who scoured the PlayStation Mobile app for info, details about the currently unobtainable PlayStation Stars Level 5 Collectible have been revealed. Named “Bots Don’t Breathe,” this diorama is coded to unlock when the fifth and final level is achieved.

PS Stars “Bots Don’t Breathe” Diorama Leaks

As identified by Reddit user the_andshrew, there’s a fifth level coded into the PlayStation Stars program. Once it is available for players to achieve, the “Bots Don’t Breathe” Diorama will unlock.

The appearance of the Bots Don’t Breathe Diorama can be seen above. It features 10 Astro Bots interacting with a spacecraft. Some appear to be loving the anti-gravity challenge, while others are clinging on for dear life.

The official description reads:

Level 5 Diorama – Bots Don’t Breathe

In an endless sea of stars, it seems like there’s nowhere to hide. But you wouldn’t be here if you let challenges like that stop you. Welcome to Level 5.

This Level 5 reward will surely take pride of place in the display cases of those who earn it.

While the Level 5 Diorama can’t yet be obtained, there are several new challenges for January 2023 that can now be completed. Rewards include a new T-Rex and a Chicken Dinner model.

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