Random: You Should Definitely Propose To Your Partner With This Gigantic Pikachu Ring

Image: Nintendo/Pexels/Trung Nguyen / Nintendo/Creatures Inc./Game Freak

As a woman who will probably some day have to wear an engagement ring, I have spent some amount of time thinking about what designs I actually like. Unfortunately, it turns out that most of them are designed to tear up any kind of knitted sweater as soon as you put your arms into the sleeves, and I cannot for the life of me understand how this is still a thing. I like wearing knitted sweaters!

The reason I bring this up is because this 1-carat solitaire ring, which comes in all gold, all platinum, and a mix of platinum and gold accents, looks like it was precision-engineered to ruin every single piece of knitwear known to man. However, it is also Pikachu-themed. I am torn.

The ring, which is sold on U-Treasure (who make a lot of Pokémon jewellery), features a male and female Pikachu sitting either side of a 1-carat diamond, although you can’t choose to have the Pikachus be the same gender, so that’s a little limiting.

You can order the rings from the website — each one costs 1,825,000 yen (around $13,760 / £11.410), no matter the material.

Do you like your potential fiancé(e) enough to buy them this ring? Tell us in the comments.

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