A new Xbox Series X update just dropped and could save your energy bills

A new sustainable power-saving method has just arrived at Xbox Series X which promises to be up to 20x more efficient than the existing power consumption modes without impacting performance. 

The new shutdown update, which has arrived for all Xbox Insider members on the Xbox Series X console, is geared around reducing power consumption when the system is off. Dubbed the “first carbon-aware console”, this sustainability mode means you can download updates and Xbox Series X games overnight while using considerably less power than the usual sleep mode. 

As a frame of reference, the Xbox Series X draws around 10-15W when in sleep mode. The new shutdown mode draws just 0.5W of power while delivering the same essential functions.

(Image credit: Microsoft / Xbox )

It’s not just Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Insider members that can take advantage of the new shutdown mode either, since this update is also available to Xbox One platforms as well. This means that, if you’re looking to save money on Microsoft’s legacy systems, and are an Xbox Insider member, you’re also catered to. Keep in mind that boot times will be slower with this setting enabled on the older systems.

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