There’s a new single-player MechWarrior game in the works

MechWarrior 5 developer Piranha Games is working on a new title in the long-running MechWarrior series, with the studio currently aiming to release the project in 2024.

Piranha Games president Russ Bullock shared the news during an interview with the NoGutsNoGalaxy podcast (thanks PC Gamer), teasing, “I’ll just say that it’s not MechWarrior Online 2, it’s not the successor to MechWarrior Online, it’s not an online PvP [game] – think of it more in line with MechWarrior 5, but a standalone game, a standalone product.”

According to Bullock, the currently mysterious title – which is being developed for PC and consoles – follows “more of a single-player co-op type of pathway”. Beyond that, though, details are thin, and a full reveal may not happen until this autumn.

Piranha’s MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries launched in 2019.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bullock touched on MechWarrior Online, saying the studio would definitely be interested in doing a sequel to its 2013 game. That, however, won’t happen until licensing issues have been addressed – currently, Piranha has the MechWarrior license until “at least” 2025, but would “probably need an extension to 2030” to do a MechWarrior Online 2.

“You’re not going to make a MechWarrior Online 2 if your license is maybe over in 2025,” he added, noting the project would need “more runway than that”.

In the immediate future, Piranha has more in store for MechWarrior 5, with its fourth DLC release – Rise of Rasalhague – launching on 26th January.

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