Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Rid Of Stumps

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a gorgeous game with tons of ways to customize your world the way you see fit. However, from time to time, you’ll come across obstacles that simply seem impossible to remove–as is the case with those frustrating stumps you’ve probably noticed littered around your valley. Though they may be annoying and get in the way of putting homes and other furniture where you’d like, it’s thankfully not too much of an undertaking to rid yourself of them. We’ll tell you how below.

How to get rid of stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first step to clearing out all of the stumps in your valley is to find and befriend Anna in the Frozen realm. When she finally rehomes to Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to raise her friendship to level 2, which is an extremely easy task–just give her a flower or two, or have a daily conversation with her. When Anna reaches friendship level 2, she’ll offer you her very first quest called “An Icy Invitation.”

As you work your way through “An Icy Invitation,” you’ll need to get a few items:

  • 10x Softwood
  • 4x Hardwood
  • 4x Iron Ingot
  • 3x Tinkering Parts
You’ve gotta upgrade that shovel to remove stumps.

Softwood is easily found beneath trees all across the valley, so head somewhere like the Plaza or Peaceful Meadow to snag plenty of it quickly. If you’re still relatively early in the game, you can most easily round up Hardwood by looking around the Glade of Trust or Forest of Valor. Iron Ingots must be crafted by combining 5 Iron Ores with 1 Coal Ore, both of which are easily farmed in the Glade of Trust or Forest of Valor as well. Lastly, Tinkering Parts x3 will require you to combine two Iron Ingots at a crafting station.

With all of these items in your inventory, you can now head to a crafting station to make the Shovel Blade. Once you’ve crafted it, go into your inventory and use it to upgrade your shovel. Having done this, you can finally go dig up all those annoying stumps across your valley the same way you’d dig a hole.

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