New Skull and Bones release date due “very soon” following latest delay

Ubisoft will reveal Skull and Bones’ new release date “very soon”, the publisher has said, following yesterday’s news of a further delay for the beleaguered pirate adventure.

Skull and Bones, which has been in development since 2013, was revealed in 2017 but has faced repeated delays since then, its release most recently being moved from November 2022 to March 2023. Yesterday though, Ubisoft confirmed it was pushing the troubled game’s launch back yet again, this time to “early” in the fiscal year 2023-24.

In a follow-up statement shared by the official Skull and Bones Twitter account, Ubisoft spoke a little more about the delay, saying its “determination and focus remain the same – offer the best in-game experience possible to our play from day 1”.

Skull and Bones- Worldwide Gameplay Reveal.

The most recent delay, it said, would help the team “in providing further polish and balancing to our game experience, following your feedback from previous tests”.

More information on Skull and Bones’ revised released date, alongside news of upcoming test phases for the pirate adventure, would be “shared with you all very soon”, Ubisoft added.

Additionally, the publisher will air new Skull and Bones gameplay tomorrow, Friday 13th, at 5pm in the UK/9am PT on Twitch. This, it confirmed, would be focused “on the games lore”. Previously, following news of Skull and Bones’ latest delay, Ubisoft said it believed players will be “positively surprised by its evolution”.

Alongside word of Skull and Bones’ latest release date shunt, yesterday bought news of disappointing financial results for Ubisoft’s most recent quarter, and the cancellation of three of the publisher’s unannounced games. Since then, company stock has fallen by 19 percent.

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