You Can Pre-Order This Ridiculously Expensive Resident Evil First Aid Spray Drink Now

A Resident Evil First Aid Spray-themed drink is available for pre-order from GameFlavor, but it’ll cost you. The collector’s box is priced at €167,23 ($181.41), and a limited edition (which isn’t available for pre-order yet) is listed at a whopping €839,50 ($910.67).

Spray your pain away with this pricey Resident Evil drink

The Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box comes in packaging based on the series’ iconic item box and contains:

  • Ten cans of cucumber-lime-mint drinks
  • Four ink ribbon tins that contain drink powders that match the four types of herbs from the game (green, red, blue, and yellow)
  • A spray cap that fits over the cans for display purposes.
  • An artbook
  • Four non-alcoholic Resident Evil-themed cocktail recipe cards
  • A certificate of authenticity

While this is relatively expensive at $180, what’s more puzzling is the $910 limited edition. The store page for it is identical to the standard collector’s edition, except that it also comes with “Unique NTFs ready for the metaverse.” So, unless there are missing details, GameFlavor believes that NFTs add over $700 of value to the limited edition.

There are only 4,750 of these drink boxes being produced. Unfortunately, if you plan on purchasing one, you’ll be waiting a while. The estimated release window is Q3 2023.

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