FFXIV Patch 6.3 Overview

Final Fantasy XIV is getting a significant update with 6.3. This patch will introduce a bunch of content that will take the warriors of light to various adventures, battling celestial beings and visiting foreign lands. Several fixes and quality-of-life improvements were implemented along with these significant features. Players might get overwhelmed with the information with so many things being added to the game. This overview will focus on the essential updates gamers can see in the Eorzea.

Patch 6.3

The January 10 update is full of many improvements to the game, which players will certainly appreciate. Several new quests have been added, as well as raids and dungeons. However, the bulk of the patch mostly features QoL enhancements, which makes the overall patch notes quite long. The expansion is named “Gods Revel, Lands Tremble,” which indicates that the most significant parts of the update will involve celestial beings. Here is everything that you should know about 6.3:

New Main Story Quests

A new quest chain will be available to players, which will have the warriors of light befriend an unlikely ally. The quest will introduce the half void-sent “Zero” as a friendly companion who will aid in repelling a void-sent attack in Garlemald. This whole mission line will let you uncover a new threat looming over the Source.

There are nine new MSQs in total, so players will have their hands full in completing them. After the introduction of the archfiend Golbez in the previous patch, this update will expound more on how his appearance will further affect Eorzea. A potential confrontation might occur sometime before 7.0.

New Dungeon

As you progress through the story, you can unlock additional dungeons for you to challenge. While you assist Zero in her hunt against the voidsents, you will discover a hidden village in the mountains of Garlemald. This area is the starting point of the latest dungeons, Lapis Manalis. This challenge will have you face various foes and a reaper-like boss in your quest to find Azdaja.

New Chronicles of a New Era quests

A new set of the chronicles has now been released, which players can take up after finishing “The Face of an Explorer.” Gamers can complete a total of four missions, and these tasks will also help you unlock the newest large-scale raid.

New Alliance Raid

It has been ten years since the events of Endwalker and the conclusion of Hydaelyn/Zodiark arc. The twelve guardian deities of Eorzea as still making their move to achieve their divine aspirations. The newest alliance raid, “Euphrosyne” will have the warriors of light fight several pantheon members. The 24-man battle will take players to the Phantom Realm to challenge the twelve. Here are all the bosses for this raid:

  • Nophica
  • Althyk and Nymeia
  • Halone
  • Menphine and her hound, Dalamud

You can unlock the raid by meeting up with Deryk and accepting the Return to the Phantom Realm quest. However, you must have finished the “Myths of the Realm’s Algaia Alliance raid” and have a minimum of 595 Item Level.

New Deep Dungeon

While it hasn’t been released, the next Deep Dungeon will go live as part of the second portion of 6.3. Eureka Orthos will be included in Patch 6.35, which will be the first in a long while after Heaven-on-High. The dungeon under the Crystal Tower will feature an Alagan-themed instance with many mechanisms going around. To access this challenge when it goes live, you need to finish the Endwalker MSQ.

New Ultimate

During Endwalker, the Ultimate raid was focused on defeating Thordan and the Nidhogg. For 6.31, we will experience a reworked large-scale charge, which will now feature the Omega raids from the Stormblood expansion. The Omega Protocol will culminate in a fight against a boss of the same name, a giant and powerful mechanical weapon from another star.

Updated Faux Hollow

Many players recall that Sepirot returned during 6.2 as the boss of the Unreal Trial in Faux Hollow. This time, Sophia will take center stage and replace Sepirot as the new Unreal boss. Players will now enter Containment Bay P1T6 instead of Containment Bay S1T7.

New Side Story Quests

Aside from all the significant questlines, there are also a bunch of little side stories that players can accept in 6.3. Some of these are more expounded on than others, so gamers should expect a lengthy playthrough for some of them. Here are all the side story quests released for this update:

  • Tale of Newfound Adventure
  • Tataru’s Grand Endeavor (Tataru receives a deal from an enigmatic figure from the Far East)
  • Island Sanctuary
  • New Custom Deliveries

Treasure Hunt

There are new updates to the Treasure Hunt feature, which includes a new area. The main highlight for this part is the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon. Here are all the updates for maps:

  • The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon – The area is an arcane sphere that will host several choices for the players. The sphere can trigger a roulette wheel, which can summon one or more mobs. Defeating these enemies will spawn a treasure chest.
  • Requires level 90 in either Disciple of War or Magic
  • Limited to 8 players
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Five trials are needed to complete the duty fully.
  • If all party members are KO’d, or the roulette stops at a choice that will forcibly exit, the party will end the whole run.
  • Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps – This new treasure map will always lead to Elpis. Opening treasure coffers can open a portal to the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon.

Aside from adding the new zone, adjustments were made to the rewards in the Excitatron 6000 and Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps.

Crystalline Conflict

For PvP players, a new arena will be added to the Crystalline Conflict. The Clockwork Castletown has been added as the latest zone, featuring various gimmicks. Traps, including Tricks Floors, Trick Doors, and Pneumatic Parades, will make the area more challenging. There is also a new rotation for the casual/ranked matches, which includes:

  • The Palaistra
  • The Volcanic Heart
  • The Clockwork Castletown
  • The Palaistra
  • Cloud Nine
  • The Clockwork Castletown

These arenas will rotate every 90 minutes.

Upper La Noscea Area

As of Patch 6.3, players can now swim in upper La Noscea. Diving will also be enabled once you have completed certain conditions. These features will allow characters to go deep and engage in spearfishing for the Fishing life skill.

Grand and Free Companies

The most notable change to the Company system is the addition of a new Charge Symbol for the PvP team crests. Several new items were added to the list of craftable equipment in every company workshop. There were also some adjustments introduced to subaquatic voyages.


Patch 6.3 also introduces some improvements to the current Housing system in FFXIV. The most notable update is that the number of Wards in all residential districts has increased from 25 to 30. Players can try to acquire their place via the Lottery, which will begin on January 15, 2023, at 7 AM PST.

Tons of new furniture will be available for players. A sizeable collection from the FFXIV Furnishing Design Content in 2019 will be added to the list of items you can avail of for your homes. There will also be additional decorations outside that were made outside the contest. New aquarium fish and seeds for flowerpots are also available.

Some minor adjustments include adding new Orchestrion Rolls and allowing players to preview portraits. Unrestricted plots are now included in the housing categories.

Mandervile Gold Saucer

Players can now win more MGP with the new course being introduced in GATE Leap of Faith. Following the GATE schedule adjustments, the Slyphstep will be available at the 40th minute of every hour (Earth Time). There are also new redeemable prizes from the NPCs in the Gold Saucer. Triple Triad players can check the shop for the latest cards added during the update.

Other Updates on Quests

Aside from the additional MSQs and Side stories, there are other minor adjustments made to the quest system. The categorization for some of the Sidequests has been further broken to make them more specific and easier to search. Here are the new categories for some side missions:

  • Chronicles of Light
  • Hildibrand Sidequests
  • Weapon Enhancement Sidequests
  • Records of Unusual Endeavors
  • Side Story Quests
  • Tribal and Wandering Minstrel Quests listed in the Sidequests have been moved to their proper categories.


The world events on each map will also have certain adjustments. Aside from additional items from Gemstone Traders, Odin’s level is now locked to 50 for the “Steel Reign” FATE.


There are some minor adjustments to several various features of the game. This part will provide an overview of these changes. Here are all the Miscellaneous updates:

  • The Island Sanctuary will gain two new sanctuary ranks, a new vision, and additional materials, produce, animals, and crafting recipes.
  • Vieras and Hrothgars will gain additional hairstyle options.
  • Duty Support will be provided for the following:
    • The Aetherochemical Research Facility
  • New Items for the Khloe’s Silver and Bronze Certificates of Commendation
  • The following duties contain Wondrous Tails:
    • Pandaemonium: Abyssos (5th to 8th)
    • The Clockwork Castletown (Crystalline Conflict)
    • The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon
  • New Emotes
  • New Poses for the Sit Emote and Umbrella-type Fashion accessories.

There are some other adjustments to the battle system and class balancing. These changes can be found in the game’s official PvP Actions Job Guide. Aside from these, there are further quality-of-life improvements and the start of Series 3.

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