How to craft antidote to cure poison in Stranded Deep

As you try to stay alive in the harsh world of Stranded Deep, you may become poisoned at some point. You may try desperately to find a cure as the poison whittles you down, but inevitably come up short without knowing exactly what to do. Upon succumbing to the poison, players will undoubtedly wonder how they could have circumvented this seemingly unavoidable situation. Fortunately, Stranded Deep does allow you to cure poison through a craftable antidote item, although making one requires a bit of setup. This guide will show what you need to do to get a hold of this antidote.

Newcomers to Stranded Deep may grow peeved to learn that the game does not let you craft an antidote during the early hours of your playthrough. Doing so requires that you reach Craftsmanship Level 3 first, at which point you can find a Pipi plant and a coconut flask to combine into an antidote. You can spot one or two Pipi plants, which appear as small yellowish-green-leafed plants, placed somewhere on the ground on each island. As for the coconut flask, you need to craft one using a coconut, which you can find atop palm trees, as well as one lashing, which requires four fibrous leaves to craft.

How do I not get poisoned?

Of course, to get to the point where you can craft the antidote in Stranded Deep, you will need to avoid the poison outright. Snakes can inflict poison if you get close to one while wandering around an island, so make sure to steer clear if you hear any hissing sounds. Additionally, traveling through the water poses a serious risk, as sea snakes, sea urchins, lionfish, and crown-of-thorns starfish all have the ability to inflict poison. If you need to go out into the water for any reason, do so on a raft to stay safe.

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