Logitech G Astro A30 Review

Astro has long been known for its great-sounding gaming headphones, led by the flagship A50 headset. Now, Astro has introduced its first new headset under the Logitech G brand, the aptly named Logitech G Astro A30 Wireless gaming headset. Featuring a sleek design and modern features such as simultaneous audio playback, the A30 Wireless is a good headset option, though it doesn’t do much to stand out amongst its competition.

Astro A30 – Design and Features

The A30 Wireless features a similar design to the original A30 headset, but includes updated controls and connectivity options. The largely plastic build makes it lightweight to wear, but lacks the premium feel you’d expect out of a headset priced greater than $200.

The marquee feature of the A30 Wireless is simultaneous audio playback. As with many gaming headphones released in the past year, the A30 Wireless supports Bluetooth playback, as well as wireless audio over the included 2.4GHz USB transmitter. This means you could game with your friends on different platforms while chatting through a Discord call on your phone, effectively making platform-specific party chats a non-issue. Additionally, you could game on console while listening to a podcast or your favorite playlist on your phone.

The A30 Wireless is compatible with just about every modern platform including PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. The included USB transmitter allows seamless plug-and-play support for most devices, while Bluetooth takes care of the rest. It even features a 3.5mm auxiliary port for a hardwired connection, if you desire.

On the outside of the right earcup are your media controls, which include a small power button, Bluetooth pairing button, and a small joystick-like nub to adjust audio volume, audio mix, and control playback for Bluetooth devices. It features 4-way directional control, as well as can be pressed in as an actual button. It’s definitely a unique way to manage audio settings, but I found that quickly adjusting volume on the fly isn’t nearly as simple as rotating a dial.

These multipurpose headphones feature a 27-hour battery life – nearly double that of the Astro A20 and A50 headphones – making them perfect for long gaming sessions or as a standard pair of multimedia headphones when you’re out. The bottom of the right earcup features a USB-C connector to quickly recharge the headphones when not in use.

The left earcup includes a small mute toggle as well as the 3.5mm auxiliary port for hardwiring your connection to preserve battery life. Additionally, there’s a port to connect the detachable boom mic for multiplayer gaming. When the boom mic isn’t in use, there’s a small built-in microphone on the front of the left earcup intended for those on-the-go situations where you don’t want a large microphone blocking your face.

Both earcups feature pleather-wrapped memory foam padding, which is also included in the headband for added comfort. The outside of the earcups can be customized with Astro’s Speaker Tags – small, interchangeable plates that feature unique artwork to make the headphones your own. Aside from the all-white or all-navy colorway, this is really the only way to make the headphones pop a bit as they are pretty nondescript otherwise. When the headphones are not in use, you can fold the earcups flat for easy storage in the included hardshell zippered case.

Astro A30 – Software

Traditionally, Astro headphones could be customized via the Astro Command Center software on PC, Mac, and Xbox, but the A30 Wireless is the first set of headphones to utilize the new Logi G mobile app for customization. This allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments right from your phone when connected via Bluetooth. It’s a great universal solution since it supports so many platforms, but not having an optional PC app is a bit annoying.