Crusader Kings 3 – What Does Ironman Mode Do?

One of the most important mechanics that can be found in most grand strategy games from Paradox Interactive is the Ironman mode.

In Crusader Kings 3, players will usually see the option to turn on Ironman mode at the start of the game when selecting their starting character.

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However, what exactly does it mean? There is no explanation, and it is usually turned on by default.

Well, to help you properly enjoy the game, here is what Ironman mode does in Crusader Kings 3.

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How Ironman Mode Works in Crusader Kings 3

Ironman mode in CK3 is an optional setting that will disallow you from controlling your save file.

This means that the game will automatically autosave either every six months when you exit the game or ten days after you loaded the file.

You will only have one save file that you can’t interact with, and you won’t have any chance of save scumming (loading a save when something goes wrong).

Unfortunately, players will have to turn on Ironman mode if they want to get achievements in CK3. If you play a regular game, you won’t get any trophies or achievements for any of your feats.

The main reason why Ironman mode exists is to make sure that cheating isn’t possible. And, since most players and developers consider save scumming cheating as well, they have made it impossible with this mechanic.

Other mechanics that could be considered cheating that aren’t available in CK3’s Ironman mode are:

  • Switching characters from the menu.
  • Using the cheat console.

Problems with Using Ironman Mode in Crusader Kings 3

There are a few things that could be considered problems when using Ironman mode in CK3.

One of the biggest risks is losing your save file due to corruption. Though it does not happen often, and there usually is a backup on Steam, if you are playing the game on it, there is still a chance of it happening.

Since there is only one local save file on your computer for your playthrough, you can risk the game ending early due to a bad save.

However, there is a slim chance of this happening if your computer is working well and there aren’t any unforeseen accidents that can occur (crashes due to low specs or viruses).

The only other problem you might find in Ironman mode is the inability to load a different save file. This can be very annoying if you make a mistake.

Though this mode is perfect for veteran players, if you are just starting your CK3 journey, you should play with Ironman mode disabled.

You will likely make many mistakes, and starting over the game every time this happens can be a chore for a novice.

That’s everything you need to know about what Ironman mode does in Crusader Kings 3!

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