Look to the future of games at Pocket Gamer Connects London, January 23-24

Pocket Gamer Connects London is at the end of this month, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you all the forward-gazing, insightful tracks we have lined up for you at our most content-packed show yet.

That’s right, our upcoming show in London is about to be our biggest by all metrics. Our leading mobile gaming industry conference is returning to London this January 23rd to 24th, and we’re welcoming over 2,000 attendees from the games industry to The Brewery in the heart of London to network, discover, pitch and learn from over 200 of the industry’s top thought leaders from around the globe across 31 diverse topic tracks spanning a variety of topics. As our biggest conference yet, this is one you truly won’t want to miss! Head over to our website today to secure your seat at our show, you can save up to a whopping £200 on your ticket with our Mid Term offer for a limited time!

Today, we’re delving into tracks dedicated to learning about Emerging Technology. Each and every single one of these tracks delivers unique, curated content to expand your perspective on working with Web3, the metaverse, blockchain and NFTs in these dedicated tracks and how they impact the future of gaming. You won’t want to miss these tracks if you are a games industry professional or developer looking to explore the frontier of cutting-edge technology in gaming.

Learn more about the tracks below…

The Emerging Technology Tracks

First up is the Web3 Wallets track! We will be discussing DeFi, crypto, tokens and more: how to monetise your game using the latest blockchain philosophies.

Web3 Wallets: January 23rd
14:00 – Immediate Needs for the New Data Landscape in Mobile & Web3 with Robert Magyar of SuperScale.
14:20 – An Old F2P Game Developer’s Take on Web3 Game Monetisation with Taewon Yun of Super Evil Megacorp.
14:40 – Keeping up with the times: What do developers need to know about alternative monetisation methods? with Cyril Barrow of Village Studio, Nikhil Malankar of GameEon Studios, Rafael Vivas of AppLovin, Taewon Yun of Super Evil Megacorp and Paul West of Fumb Games.

Next is the Mapping the Metaverse track! We will explore the frontiers and reveal essential jumping on points in this overview of developments in the immersive space

Thank you so much to The Soul Publishing, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. TheSoul Publishing is an award-winning digital studio that creates entertaining and original content for global audiences of all ages across a variety of social platforms. TheSoul’s portfolio of channels reaches more than 1.5 billion followers across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat, with our channels generating more than 20 billion views every month.

TheSoul recently expanded its audience touchpoints through gaming, shopping, and music. Our music offering already includes the digital artist and influencer Polar, who’s amassed more than 1.6M followers on TikTok and 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Mapping the Metaverse: January 24th
14:00 – The Rise of the Virtual Influencer with Patrik Wilkens of The Soul Publishing.
14:20 – Applying Game Design Principles to the Metaverse – Lessons From Building on Roblox with George Osborn of Taso Advisory and Andrew Douthwaite of Dubit.
14:40 – Legal Issues: Data Privacy, and Online Safety Within the Metaverse with Mike Ahyow of Osborne Clarke LLP.
15:00 – Achievement Unlocked: Is the Metaverse Already Part of Our Lives? with Patty Toledo of 4Players, Tsahi Liberman of Styrax Studios, Eliza Jäppinen of Studio Killers, Dave Ranyard of Dream Reality Interactive Ltd, Kay Gruenwoldt of Nine66 and Mike Wozniewski of Hololabs.

Next is the Metaverse Magic track! We will be discussing how to get the most out of the modern metaverse! Discover the cutting edge of communication and entertainment.

Metaverse Magic: January 24th
15:40 – How To Use a Digital Twin of the Real World To Create Your Game with Christina Barleben of Thoughtfish.
16:00 – NFTs & Metaverses, Challenge & Opportunities of Game Items Interoperability with Shaban Shaame of EverdreamSoft.
16:20 – How We Can All Benefit From a Metaverse & Why Mobile Game Developers Are Its Future with Marcus Pullen of Blue Donut Studios.
16:40 – For One and for All: Achieving a Truly Inclusive Metaverse with our very own Lewis Rees of PG.biz, Simon Barratt of Cooperative Innovations, Sean Seton-Rogers of PROfounders Capital, Jason Robar of AuthorDigital, Theresia Le Battistini of Fashion League – Finfin Play and Tony Pearce of Reality+.

Next is the Building on Blockchain track! This will be an introduction to what blockchain means for any developer – with insights into the technology and how crypto works with games..

Thank you so much to Redlight Finance, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. After launching its revolutionary gasless blockchain, Redlight Finance is entering the gaming industry to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain technology.

Having already established partnerships with other gaming companies, we are hoping to continue doing so. We also offer tech solutions to those in the gaming industry who are unfamiliar with how to transition into blockchain.

If you are interested in ways to monetise your game via blockchain, or wanting to become a part of history in the world’s fastest moving financial space, come visit our booth at the expo or visit our website for more info.

Building on Blockchain: January 23rd
15:20 – Blockchain Technologies in the Gaming Industry with Alex Van Hulle of Redlight Finance.
15:40 – Blockchain Games – Surviving the Crypto Winter with Vladimir Tomko of Blockchain Cuties.
16:00 – How To Guide Game Development Into Web3? with Flavien Defraire of BGA, Roman Frank of Legendary Play, Maciej Burno of Reality Metaverse, Dallas Johnson of Dacoco GmbH and Stefan Colins of Venly.
16:40 – Unlocking Mainstream & Mobile Web3 With Webgl & Social Gameplay with Elina Arponen of Quicksave.
17:00 – Building successful games on the Bitcoin network with Paul West of Fumb Games
17:20 – Why/how does web3/blockchain add value to the players and to the game studios with Adoni Ioannou of ImmutableX.
17:40 – TBA session with a representative fromConsensys. Stay tuned!

Last but not least is the NFT Know-How track! We will be discussing non-fungible tokens: how unique digital assets are changing the way people play today.

Thank you so much to Venly, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. Venly empowers the use of blockchain, by providing trusted and easy-to-use software solutions. Their global vision is to build both a developer-friendly platform and an intuitive interface for end users. At the center of everything lies simplicity, prime UX and top-level security. Their platform bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3, making it easy for developers and users to access and benefit from the power of blockchain. Venly has been recognised as a digital pioneer and delivers groundbreaking innovation to many Web3 trailblazers and Web2 industry leaders across many industries such as gaming, eCommerce, and entertainment.

NFT Know-How: January 24th
11:10 – How NFTs Will Change the Gaming Landscape with Tim Dierckxsens of Venly.
11:30 – DAOs for Game Developers with Dallas Johnson of Dacoco.
11:50 – Tomorrow’s Nintendogs: Building Immortal Digital Pets in Web3 with Susan Cummings of Tiny Rebel.
12:10 – Shifting the Balance: Will NFTs Disrupt How Games, Brands & Creative Media Interact? with Kelly Vero of Core Game, Romain Schneider of Spectarium, Alex Amsel of Soulcast and Stefan Colins of Venly.

Last but not least is the Blockchain Boost track! We will be discussing what’s next for the blockchain gaming scene. Dive deeper into the techniques and strategies that are shaping this growing market.

Blockchain Boost: January 24th
9:30 – Web3 Games for Good – Beyond the Hype We Create a Better World with Tsahi Liberman of Styrax Studios.
9:50 – Providing Players a Sense of Ownership with Flavien Defraire of BGA, Raphael Gauthier of Boons Media & Oasis and Liam Bacon of Litoja Labs (Aradena).
10:10 – Decoding Web3: A Web2 Developers Guide to Migrating Your Gaming Business with Christina Macedo of Ready Games Network.
10:30 – Beyond the Dawn: What To Expect From Blockchain Gaming in 2023 with Daniel Griffiths of Steel Media, someone from Redlight Finance, Paul Flanagan of CM, Jon Hook of PlayEmber and Yahsir Qureshi of Sandsoft.

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