Review – Succubus with Guns (PlayStation 5)

Suckubus with barely a Gun

With a name like Succubus with Guns, I didn’t expect much from this game apart from a fun casual shooter, the premise sounded intriguing at the very least but it feels nothing more than a bad College idea that somehow passed and made it onto the PlayStation 5.

Many people know that the PlayStation is littered with Shovelware-type games, you know those easy ones with barely any effort put into them for the sake of boosting your trophy list with easy Golds and Silvers. Stroke the Cat, The Pig D and The Jumping Taco to name a few. This is another one on the list and now my account is forever tainted with a few trophies of a game I’ll probably never finish. You start the game doing a few simple things like learning to dash, finding a key, killing some slimes, and testing out the jiggle physics of course. The design of the game is pretty good but oh boy do the problems arise very shortly after.

After entering a portal I find myself in an open space with bullets lying around and a few zombies chasing me, I take them out before noticing a Wave counter in the corner of the screen, so the first wave is done, only 9 more to go. It was well before I finished the first wave that the problems of this game became apparent. The guns are ridiculous, you get a rocket launcher, a machine gun and a pistol all of which just feel off, when you shoot enemies there’s no real feeling that you are actually hitting them. Thong-wearing schoolgirls and boy zombies will chase after you as you try to back away slowly taking them out with the pistol, the guns can be shot without aiming but trust me you will need to as you will find yourself out of ammo in an instant. You can get more by just collecting more Ammo that spawns where it was before but it is tedious. As I said earlier the guns just feel off, you can do headshots but I was at one point confused when I shot well into the air and managed to headshot a Zombie that was chasing me. Other enemies included are Robin Hood Skeletons and Fat College guys chasing you, maybe the developers of the game needed to feel some representation. The controls are just weird also. when you run it feels janky and when you jump you will actually jump backwards before landing more in front than you were previously.

While the levels are short they still manage to feel mind-numbingly long. Zombies will sometimes run away for some reason making them harder to hit and the giant Stone Golem that spawns at the end of the first level pretty much runs at the same speed as you do making it hard to get any shots in, it doesn’t help he has such a large health pool and it takes forever to reload. He did seem to glitch a lot and wouldn’t try to hit me instead just sort of glitched in with the surroundings not doing anything and allowed me to take him down pretty easily. So after wave 10 a portal appears and bam an easy silver trophy and straight onto level 2 where I decided I had enough and turned the game off. There is probably more to this game later on but if you want to play and find out then, by all means, go ahead, I’ll just leave it to the imagination for now.

I honestly think this game was made as an excuse to have a big-breasted demonic lady in a corset and make it its selling point. There’s even a trophy in the game that you can get by panning the camera to the front and Jumping 5 times. There’s no music in the game just awful grunts of the Zombies that all sound the same and for some reason the Succubus will say phrases such as “I like you” and “I will always be with you” for whatever reason I do not know.

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