League Of Legends Arcane: Mylo

Brought to life by the critically acclaimed animated series Arcane, Mylo can be seen alongside Vi and Jinx in the show’s debut season. Fans of the show might have developed a soft spot for the orphaned member of the ragtag group, but do you know his full story?

Follow along as we delve deeper into the character of Mylo, from his hazy and little-known past to his untimely demise.

Early Life of Mylo In League Of Legends Arcane

Not much is known about Mylo’s early life, as is the case with many other orphaned and abandoned children cast out in the damned streets of Zaun. All that is apparently certain is that his parents were killed in the Zaunite uprising. Later on, he was taken in by the leader of the same uprising, Vander.

This is here where the story of our character begins as he meets other orphans who are in Vander’s refuge, namely Vi, Claggor, and Powder, who would later become known as Jinx. Together the gang would go on jobs for Vander, most of them of illegal nature, such as stealing or breaking in somewhere.

The children would agree to these jobs as they wanted to prove themselves to Vander and gain his respect since he was the only father figure they had.

Mylo And His Relationship With Jinx From League Of Legends

As mentioned prior Mylo was part of the rag-tag group of which Jinx (at the time known as Powder) and Vi were also members. However, their connection was not just of a comradery type. Mylo was also their adopted brother as well. As such the trio had a nagging love for each other.

Additionally, Powder’s name Jinx was due to Mylo. See, every time they failed or were not able to do a job properly, Mylo would take out his frustration on the youngest member of the team, who happened to be Powder. In his tantrums, he would call Powder a jinx, aka failure. As it so happens, later on, this name stuck, and nowadays, that is the name many fans associate Powder with.

Mylo And His Relationship With Vi From League Of Legends

Apart from the close relationship the duo had due to the aforementioned fact that Vi considered him his adopted brother, the pair also had a bit of friction in their relationship as well. Vi was also a compassionate elder sister to Powder, so whenever Mylo would get angry at her and bully her, Vi would come to Powder’s rescue. Due to this, the pair clashed heads sometimes. 

Hexgem Incident And Untimely Demise Of Mylo

During one of the shady jobs the children were carrying out, they nearly got caught. The plan was to rob Jayce’s workshop following Ekko’s tip that some useful Hextech components were in there. However, the group accidentally caused an explosion which alerted the Enforcers, Piltover’s wardens, to their location.

Even though they managed to escape, their descriptions were now known, and the Enforcers were on the lookout for their group. Following this, Vander advises them to lay low for a while; however, they still get caught. Vi tries to give herself up to save the crew, but Vander intervenes; instead, he is caught and taken to the upper city, Piltover.

The gang then makes a plan to free their savior. The group makes their way to the lock house, where Mylo breaks the lock to free Vander and Claggor plans the escape route while Vi fights off the guards.

Powder (Jinx), however, causes an explosion with the magic crystals she stole. In the ensuing destruction, both Mylo and Claggor get killed. Thus their sad and tragic story comes to an equally tragic ending.

Final Thoughts

In the end, no matter whether you liked or disliked Mylo while watching Arcane, you cannot help but feel sad when his life is cut short. This event would haunt the star of the show, Jinx, and be the cause of many of her future decisions, many of which were not very sane

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