Crusader Kings 3 – How to Become Dynasty Head

If you started as the relative of a powerful ruler in Crusader Kings 3, there is a high chance that you are not the Dynasty Head.

By missing out on the title of Dynasty Head, you can’t use many important mechanics, such as disinherit and denounce.

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You won’t have access to the most important source of bonuses, the Dynasty Legacies.

So, to make sure you can control your family properly, here is how you can become the Dynasty Head in Crusader Kings 3.

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How do the Dynasty Head and House Head Work in Crusader Kings 3

The Dynasty Head is the ruler of a whole dynasty. Since there can be many houses under one dynasty, the Dynasty Head is the one that guides them all.

The Dynasty Head has three special abilities. They can disinherit anyone from their dynasty, and they can also denounce anyone from the dynasty, allowing them to imprison that individual without causing tyranny.

The last thing they can do is choose the Dynasty Legacies, which are the bonuses you will carry through your dynasty for the whole game.

You will also sometimes see Cadet Branches forming. These are different houses under the same dynasty that have a different House Head.

The House Head can legitimize bastards from their house, demand the conversion of landed house members, call house members to war, and will get a hook on all members that are born into the house.

Cadet Branches are usually created by powerful dynasty members that would want more control over their own families.

How to Become Dynasty Head in Crusader Kings 3

To become the Dynasty Head in CK3, you will first need to become a House Head. To become a House Head, you will need to create a Cadet Branch.

So, to make a Cadet Branch, you will have to go to the Decisions menu and fulfill the requirements for the Create Cadet Branch decision.

Your only problem might be that you don’t have to be third or closer in the line of succession to your Dynasty Head. Usually, this will fix itself if you wait a bit for the head to make some children.

Otherwise, you can kill your Dynasty Head if you are in line to take the throne and just become the head that way.

Once you have created your Cadet Branch, you will also need to have a larger military power than your Dynasty Head. You will need around 10% more troops than your rival to take their title.

Once you have a bigger army than the Dynasty Head as a House Head, you will become the new Dynasty Head.

That’s everything you need to know about how to become the dynasty head in Crusader Kings 3!

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