Top 5 Uses of the Toornament API

The Toornament API gives you direct access to all the tournament data you generate with the organizer software. But what can it be used for? In this article we will see in detail five of the most popular and handful uses of the API.

1. Display of tournament data in white label

One of the most common uses of the Toornament API is to display competition data on one’s own website. By retrieving raw data generated by the tournament management software, an organizer can display them wherever and however he sees fit. The content fully blends into the website and visitors will only see a cohesive page.

It also saves organizer from having to manually edit their website pages with the latest tournament data. Indeed, all data are automatically updated once entered on the Toornament management software.

2. Create a tournament gaming platform

Instead of spending large budgets and years of development, some brands and organizers are turning to API to build their own tournament platform faster. Thanks to this solution, they can integrate all the components of a tournament platform into their website, application or game in full white label.

Their gaming communities will not have to set foot on Toornament and will be able to participate in competitions directly from the brand or organizer’s platform. At the same time, tournament administrators benefit from the flexibility of the Toornament engine to organize any competition regardless of its format and size.

With the API, brands and organizers can develop full strategies around gaming and esports, while relying on Toornament to take care of the technical aspects of the platform. It lets them focus on what is important to them, and greatly reduces the costs.

3. Personalized registration workflow

The direct access to the tournaments data from the API allows organizers to imagine specific workflows they could need for their events organization.

One common use case of the API is to create a personalized participant registration process connected to external services. The organizer can use the tournament organization software, while having the registration form or its database of players hosted on its own service. Better control of data, and compartmentalizing by only sending to Toornament the information that are needed for the good running of the competition, while sensitive and personal data remain on the organizer’s server.

On the other hand, you can ask players to register on Toornament and send some of their information automatically to an external service. This can be used to compare or validate specific information, to validate registrations for a tournament.

For example, it is possible to automatically validate a registration on the basis of a ticket entry payment, a student card number, a membership in a sports federation or any other element to identify the person from an external database. The possibilities of specific workflow usage are endless.

4. In-game integration

In-game integration of Toornament features is a perfect use of the API for game developers who want to create white-label competitive multiplayer experiences. They can enhance the competitive potential and life time value of their game and build better player loyalty.

But rather than developing expensive tools, the Toornament API can be integrated to save time, energy and money. Game Developers can manage the competition on the Toornament software while the players stay in the game environment to play regular tournaments, seasonal leagues and climb in rankings.

5. Improvement of an existing platform

Having one’s own gaming tournament platform implies constant work to remain up to date. As the market evolves, there are always new tournament structure formats, scoring types, or specific rules coming out of the box.

The tournament platform developers can rely on the flexibility and the widest choice of structure and match formats offered by the Toornament engine. They won’t need expensive and time-consuming new developments to keep their platform usable on the latest games and their formats.

Moreover, Toornament won’t need to access any data from the other gaming tournament platform. The “custom user identifier” provided by Toornament will serve to identify the participants and return their competition data associated through the API. The tournament platform operator will not have to ask their participants to create an account and log in to Toornament. Everything is done transparently for the player.

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