Experience Boosting Outfits in OSRS: Are They Worth It?

Skilling is a massive part of OSRS. It involves gaining XP in different skills and more. Unless you do some skilling to have certain skill levels, you won’t be able to engage in other activities such as questing, raiding, bossing, and completing achievement diaries. Besides that, areas are locked behind a certain skill level, such as the Farming Guild, the Warrior’s Guild, and the Woodcutting Guild.

Skilling outfits either increase the experience gained in a specific skill or provide other skill-boosting benefits when worn. These items can be obtained in many ways. For skills with an experience-boosting set, when every part of the set is worn, they provide a 2.5% experience boost.

Lumberjack Outfit

The Lumberjack outfit is the easiest to obtain out of the six outfits, and it will increase your Woodcutting XP by 2.5 percent when wearing the entire outfit. To get it, you will need a decent combat level and to have done a few quests that will unlock the Temple Trekking minigame in Morytania. You will escort various companions through the Morytania swamp from Paterdomus to Burgh de Rott in this minigame. The quest that unlocks this minigame is the in Aid of Myreque, but if you want full efficiency, you should complete the Darkness of Hallowvale quest. This will unlock a similar minigame with a backward route from Burgh de Rott to Paterdomus so that you have a back-and-forth minigame.

The Carpenter’s Outfit

The Carpenter’s outfit will give you a 2.5 percent XP boost while training your Construction skill, so besides saving you some time when training, it will also save you some GP since Construction is an expensive skill. You don’t need to do anything special to obtain this outfit except train your Construction skill using the alternative training method, the Mahogany Homes minigame. Every time you finish a Mahogany Homes contract, besides the Construction Xp and the optional cuppa, you’ll receive a set number of points based on the difficulty of the contract. Once you earn enough points, you can use them at Amy’s reward shop in Falador to buy the outfit.

The Farmer’s Outfit

The Farmer’s outfit is another XP-boosting outfit that you’ll only be able to obtain by playing a minigame. As the name suggests, this outfit will boost your Farming XP by 2.5 percent when fully worn. You’ll need to spend a few hours in the Tithe Farm minigame to obtain it and gain some Farming XP. A significant advantage is that you’ll need the hat specifically for an elite clue scroll step, so getting it early might be advantageous from multiple perspectives. It is also good to have if you like doing herb runs to earn a profit or trying to get to 99 Farming by other means.

The Angler’s Outfit

The Angler’s outfit is a Fishing boosting outfit that you can obtain in two ways. Either through the Fishing Trawler minigame, which can be relaxing or by buying it from the reward shop for Aerial Fishing, where you can exchange a rare currency, Molch pearls. The second method will take you more time and is a click intensive method, and on top of this, you could use the pearls to buy some equipable fishing uniques that you might also want.

The Prospector’s Outfit

Another outfit that comes in two varieties is the Prospector’s outfit. You can obtain it by exchanging Golden Nuggets, which you can randomly get by mining in the Motherload mine and transforming it into a gold version by using star fragments on each piece. You can get the star fragments from the Shooting Star events by exchanging the stardust with an NPC. Both the outfits will give you a 2.5 XP boost when mining, but they otherwise act the same, and having the golden version won’t give you any benefit except bragging rights. While the basic version is worth getting, the golden version might be very questionable.

The Pyromancer Outfit

The Pyromancer outfit will help you gain more Firemaking XP. You will obtain it from the most popular Firemaking training method for past level 50, the Wintertodt boss, so you will eventually get it on your way to 99. It is the only XP-boosting outfit obtained exclusively from a boss. The bottom piece is also used in the same elite clue step as the Farmer’s hat, so it is a must-have if you plan on solving elite clues.

Final Thoughts

The skilling outfits that will boost your experience are, in most cases, a must-have as they will save you time by directly increasing your XP per hour compared to if you were wearing something else while training those skills. I would say it’s worth going out of your way to getting the outfits before you try to train.

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