How to get more inventory space

If you find yourself running low on inventory space in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re far from alone. The game only gives you 20 gear slots to start with and those can fill up very quickly. You won’t be able to get more for at least a few hours after starting, but even then there’s a hefty amount of legwork required before you’ll be able to find yourself swimming in gear. Regardless, finally getting more space is greatly appreciated, as it lessens the need to constantly go and sell your gear to shops after every major excursion and reduces the risk of missing out on gear from certain chests if your inventory is full. But I hope you like exploring.

In order to get more inventory space in Hogwart’s Legacy, you need to progress through the main story until you’ve gone to Lower Hogsfeld to talk to Natty. Afterward, the next quest will lead you to talk to a researcher who’ll teach you about Merlin’s Trials. The game requires you to do one, but it isn’t entirely upfront about what they do. Whenever you come across a Trial out in the world, it’ll be indicated on your map with a leaf. As the game makes clear, you simply need to use mallowsweet leaves on the circle and complete an associated challenge to complete the Trial.


How to get more inventory space in Hogwarts Legacy

Of course, simply completing a trial here and there isn’t enough to get more inventory space in Hogwarts Legacy. To start with, you need to clear four Trials. Once you’ve done that, just go into your challenge menu and collect the reward for doing this, which will net you four additional inventory spaces. If you want more (and I’m sure you do), you’ll need to complete even more trials. But you’ll also need to make sure you’ve got plenty of mallowsweet leaves, which are most easily obtained by buying the seeds in Hogsmeade and growing them in your pot at the greenhouse.

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