Shindo Life – How to Get Weapons

As you play Shindo Life, you might notice that some players are holding special weapons and using them in combat.

Using weapons is one of the many ways that you can increase the power of your character in Shindo Life, but how do you get them?

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The three ways weapons can be obtained in Shindo Life are by purchasing them with RYO, finding them spawned in specific locations, and defeating certain bosses.

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How to obtain weapons in Shindo Life

Weapons increase the base damage of your m1 attacks, and some also change the nature of your m1 attacks to include abilities.

You also get a new q-spec ability when you equip a weapon.

These are the 3 ways you can obtain weapons in Shindo Life:

  • Purchasing with RYO
  • Finding weapons that spawn
  • Defeating specific bosses

Purchasing with RYO

Some of the weapons in Shindo Life can be purchased with the in-game currency RYO. However, only a few of them can be purchased without first finding the scroll for the weapon.

To purchase a weapon that doesn’t require you to find a scroll first, open the game menu inside the game by clicking ‘M’, selecting “Ninja Tools” on the left side, selecting a weapon, and clicking [UNLOCK].

You can see whether or not a weapon requires you to have found a scroll for it before you can unlock it by selecting them. If an [UNLOCK] button pops up, you can purchase it without needing to find a scroll, and you can see the TAI stat requirement and RYO cost as well.

Finding weapons that spawn

Finding weapons that spawn around the world of Shindo Life, or rather the scroll for a specific weapon is the primary way to get weapons in the game.

Around 90% of all weapons in Shindo Life are obtained by finding their scroll and then unlocking it with RYO.

After you’ve found a scroll for a specific weapon, you can unlock it in the “Ninja Tools” tab of the game menu by clicking [UNLOCK].

Weapons that can spawn in the game only spawn in one location in the game and at specific times. And it’s far from guaranteed that they will spawn at their spawn time.

You can see all spawn times and locations for all weapons in Shindo Life in our spawn times list.

The easiest way to find a specific scroll of a weapon you’re looking for is to visit many private servers for the location where the scroll can spawn right after its spawn time. This gives you multiple chances to find it, as each private server has a separate chance to make the item spawn.

Defeating specific bosses

There are a few bosses in Shindo Life that have a chance to drop weapons upon them being defeated.

Namely, the gen-3 bosses all have a chance to drop a weapon exclusive to each of these beast bosses.

Other bosses like Ryuji Kenichi and Tree Spirit also have a chance to drop a weapon that can only be obtained by defeating them.

While wearing and using weapons make you stronger than without anything, many players prefer not to equip a weapon as some top-tier modes and bloodlines can provide stronger q-spec abilities and m1 attacks.

That’s how to get weapons in Shindo Life!

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