‘Dead Cells’ Boss Rush Mode and Everyone Is Here 2 Updates Release on February 28th for iOS, Android, and Apple Arcade Versions – TouchArcade

While PC and console Dead Cells () players are looking forward to the Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania DLC hitting on March 6th, the mobile version has still been waiting for two major updates. Today, developer and publisher Playdigious, has just announced that the Boss Rush Mode and the indie crossover update titled the Everyone is Here 2 update will be arriving on mobile at the end of this month together for free. The update will hit Dead Cells on iOS and Android alongside Dead Cells+ on Apple Arcade bringing in a ton of new content including an alternative game mode, characters from indie greats, new cosmetics, enhanced bosses, and a lot more. Watch the trailers for both updates from Playdigious below:

Following these updates, I hope we get news on the Castlevania paid DLC on mobile because it looks phenomenal. Check out this Steam post for more screenshots from the upcoming DLC. Dead Cells on mobile will get the two major updates on February 28th for free. If you’re curious about Dead Cells on mobile read my interview with Playdigious covering it and Streets of Rage 4 here. You can buy Dead Cells on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android. If you’re unsure whether to grab it on mobile or Switch, read my comparison here. What do you think of Dead Cells right now on mobile?

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