RimWorld – How to Get Psychic Powers (All Ways)

The Royalty DLC in RimWorld added the possibility for your pawns to learn psychic powers. These can range from giving someone a migraine to making two people fall in love.

Psychic powers are extremely interesting to use in RimWorld and can help you learn new ways to survive on this planet that you would have never thought of before.

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However, it seems that psychic powers are linked to the annoying Empire faction. But are there other ways to get psychic powers?

Here is how you can get psychic powers in RimWorld, with or without the help of the stuck-up Empire faction.

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How to Get Psychic Powers in RimWorld

There are three sources that will allow you to get psychic powers in RimWorld:

  • Royal Titles
  • Psylink Neuroformer
  • Anima Tree

Get Psychic Powers Through Royal Titles in RimWorld

The easiest way to get psychic powers in RimWorld is to complete quests for the Empire in exchange for Honor.

Each one of your colonists can get Honor from the quests sent over by the Empire, and your pawns can slowly receive royal titles in exchange for Honor.

The first royal title a pawn can get is Freeholder, and it can be gained by just having 1 Honor. With 7 Honor, players will get the Bestowing Ceremony quest which allows the pawn to get the Yeoman title.

This title also comes with psychic powers, known in RimWorld as psycasts. The power is randomly given to the Yeoman once the ceremony is done.

By getting more royal titles from the Empire, pawns can learn more psychic powers and become even more powerful.

However, once a pawn starts getting royal titles they become increasingly insufferable. They start having crazy comfort demands and even stop doing some of the more basic tasks, such as hauling and cleaning.

The Psylink Neuroformer is a special item in RimWorld that can give pawns psychic powers through an operation.

To get the Psylink Neuroformer, you will have to pay attention to quest rewards. You can often get your hands on one for normal quests.

One quest that pops up at the start of your playthrough involves a deserter from the Empire that will give you a few Psylink Neuroformers.

However, this quest will result in hostile relations with the Empire, which can be a bit annoying and dangerous.

You will still get quests from them, and this should allow you to fix the relationship, but it is still a hard route to go down.

The advantage of going a no-Empire route would be that you won’t need a throne room for your pawns to fill up their psypowers.

Get Psychic Powers Using an Anima Tree in RimWorld

One of the best ways to get psychic powers in RimWorld is to meditate at the Anima Tree and link to it for psycasts.

Here is how this works:

  1. Set up meditation spots next to the Anima Tree (the big, glowy tree).
  2. Set some pawns with the “Natural” meditation focus type to recreate more often than not.
  3. As they meditate at the tree, Anima Grass will start growing around the tree. Once you have 20 grass, you can link one of the pawns to the tree to receive psychic powers.

If you use the Lost Tribe scenario, then all of your pawns can meditate at the tree, allowing you to quickly get your hands on psychic powers for them all.

Constructing buildings close to the Anima Tree will slow down the growth of the Anima Grass by 1% per building. The maximum debuff you can get is -30%.

You can also get buffs to Anima Grass growth for each hour spent by a single pawn meditating at the tree.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get psychic powers in RimWorld!

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