The Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets Its Own Plumbing Website And Commercial

Illumination has taken its promotion of The Super Mario Bros. Movie to the next level by launching a website and commercial promoting the brothers’ New York City plumbing business, and it’s actually pretty cool. 

You can visit the website here, which features a commercial promoting the Mario Bros. business. Older fans will likely recognize the catchy jingle as the theme song of the 1989 Super Mario Brothers Super Show, which is a nice homage. 

The website also features humorous testimonials, job opportunities, and even a working phone number. Calling this number (929-55-MARIO) plays a recorded message by the Charlie Day-voiced Luigi, which provides a nice sample of his performance as the green-glad sidekick. Texting the number returns a message, which, depending on when you sent it, may return a digital poster for the movie. GI editor Kyle Hilliard got this Toad poster when he texted the number yesterday:

In my case, I only got a message thanking me for my interest in Super Mario Bros. Plumbing with a link to a form submission on the website. I’m not sure what you get for submitting this form, but feel free to find out yourselves. 

The Super Mario Bros. Movie premieres in theaters on April 7. You can check out the official movie poster here. Watch the latest trailer featuring Donkey Kong and Cat Suit Mario here.

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