Random: Cuphead Gets Limited Edition Art From Final Fantasy Artist Yoshitaka Amano

Image: StudioMDHR

Cuphead and Final Fantasy aren’t two games we often put together, but today, that changes. StudioMDHR has shared some limited edition artwork that will be included in the Japanese Deluxe Edition (through SuperDeluxe Games) from none other than Yoshitaka Amano, the incredible lead artist on the first six Final Fantasy games.

Known for designing many of the series’ iconic characters, all of the logos, and even providing illustrations after he stepped down from the role after Final Fantasy VI, Amano’s work is beloved around the world. And StudioMDHR have collaborated with the artist, who has designed the jacket for the The Delicious Last Course’s soundtrack jacket. The developer shared the work on Twitter, and to say it looks amazing is an understatement.

Even from the lead image, it doesn’t immediately scream Cuphead, but there are tons of elements from the base game and DLC there, including various enemies, bosses, and the Devil, who takes up over half of the sleeve. It looks like an extremely fearsome Final Fantasy-esque behemoth, and incredibly terrifying.

Here’s a rough machine translation via Google translate of the tweet, along with those incredible photos:

“This is the unveiling of the DLC soundtrack jacket, a collaboration between world-famous artist Yoshitaka Amano and Cuphead! It pays homage to the various classic fantasy RPGs that inspired Cuphead. Please see the fierce battle with the devil! Available only in the DELUXE 1st RUN that comes with the package version of this work released from @sdxgames!”

We love the details like the blonde-haired girl in the bottom right corner (who looks a little like Terra from FFVI) using a spoon as a weapon, or the bombs from Dr. Kahl’s Robot near the Devil. There are so many references in there — see if you can spot them all!

So far, this Deluxe Edition art seems to only be confirmed for Japan, but we’re crossing our fingers and praying that we get this art in the West somehow.

What do you think of Yoshitaka Amano’s art here? Would you like to see a Cuphead RPG? Get brewing in the comments.

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