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Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each week we put together a big old list of all the best new releases of the past seven days. Back in the day the App Store would showcase the same games for a week, and then refresh those features each Thursday. Because of that developers got into the habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or very early Thursday in order to hopefully get one of those coveted features spots. Nowadays the App Store refreshes constantly, so the need for everyone to release all on the same day has diminished. Still, we’ve kept our weekly Wednesday night format as for years that’s the time people knew to check TouchArcade for the list of new games. And so without further ado please check out the full list of this week’s new games below, and let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up!


Beamed 2 (Free)

iTunes Description

Beamed 2 is an optics Puzzle game with a retro synthwave vibe. Bend, reflect, merge and split laser beams until every Jewel sparkles!

Beamed 2 is a grid based puzzle game based upon simple principles of optics. Each puzzle includes up to three laser beams in colors red, green and blue. Drag and drop mirrors, beamsplitters and prisms onto the grid to blend, split and reflect beams onto Jewels of seven colors in order to make them sparkle.

When every Jewel is sparkling the puzzle is solved!

Forum Thread: Beamed 2 (by Squaretail Software)

Chloe Puzzle Game Pro ($1.99)

iTunes Description

Each level looks simple and playful with one motive: to get Chloe and Bunny to their red Targets; but the puzzles in them are unique and have a set of varying difficulties. The puzzles challenge your strategy, sokoban skills, experimenting how mechanical toys work, tactical thinking, improvising and much more. The difficulty increases with the level number and each level comes with 1 hint. Got stuck? Take the hint, find your way to the Target!

The game is packed with smooth retro beautiful hand crafted pixel art animations and 72 unique puzzles. It’s easy to understand and simple to play, but not so easy to solve. Your puzzle solving skills will be tested and the most important thing you will have the AHA! moment solving when each puzzle.

Forum Thread: Chloe Puzzle Game Pro (by Rojeh Maher)

Escape from Norwood ($5.99)

iTunes Description

A mobile text adventure set in a vivid open world where everyone has an agenda.

Explore the city and observe its inhabitants as their lives play out around you, in a world where the only discrimination is based on the order of birth.

Cursed with a magic which does not fit within the five cardinal aelic callings, 13-years old Lecia has to hide from the guards and find a way out of the city. Yet this magic will allow her to sneak into places and observe plots and schemes that could shake the foundations of Magistan, as the Empress’ progress approaches Norwood. What secret ties her family and the empire?

Forum Thread: Escape from Norwood (by Singular Works Studio)

Finding Hannah (Free)

iTunes Description

Hannah’s got it all: a well-paying job, a fancy coffee machine, and a comfortable life – so why isn’t she happy?Explore beautiful scenes and find hidden objects to learn more about the characters and their journey of self-discovery.

The story of a family: experience a light-hearted drama featuring three generations of women—their loves, their struggles, and their joys. Hannah is a woman searching for answers. She turns to her grandmother, Eva, and her mother, Sigrid, to find that each of them has her own unique story to tell. How are their hopes and dreams passed down through the generations?

Forum Thread: Finding Hannah (by Fein Games)

Isekai Rondo ($4.99)

iTunes Description

Quest for a parallel universe after being reborn with the ultimate job! An unparalleled parallel adventure!

Sho, a young man who spends his days in an exploitative company in modern Japan, is reincarnated into a parallel universe as Shaw, due to an accident!

While the job given in his new life is ‘Unemployed’ and hardships continue with a bad luck party, one day he acquires the ultimate job as a Sage, suddenly becoming the strongest with ultra rare passive skills!

Forum Thread: Isekai Rondo (by KEMCO/EXE-CREATE)

Kontra – Multiplayer FPS (Free)

iTunes Description

Fast-paced online shooter featuring multiple famous game modes!

Fast paced shooter features multiplayer zombie mode, surf online, deathrun online, deathmatch online and arms race online. Zombie mode includes different gameplay mechanics: zombie classes and various shop items. Deathrun mode includes knife types and day types.

Forum Thread: Kontra – Multiplayer FPS (by Oleg Sapovsky)

Legend of Puzzleverse (Free)

iTunes Description

Legend of Puzzleverse offers a unique Match-3 gameplay experience that combines the core features of 4x strategy and match-3 puzzle in a game where all heroes from your favorite tales gather to fight evil monsters in legendary battles to save the multiverse!

Meet historical heroes from different eras and myths in this new 4x march battle war game and build the strongest kingdom on the map.

When the evil Void Lord destroyed the key of time, wicked monsters invaded our world to destroy it. However, the power of the key broke all barriers of time and space, sending heroes from other worlds and timelines to our universe! You are the only one who can summon these heroes from the key shards to defend your kingdom and save the world. We depend on you!

Forum Thread: Legend of Puzzleverse (by Babil Games)

Linea: An Innerlight Game (Free)

iTunes Description

Linea is a beautiful game all about discovery, where narrative & puzzles meld together. Follow the flow of light & help each character as they journey through their own unique stories. Every puzzle you complete, a new line of dialogue is opened up and the story progresses. Each new story is completely unique from the last, with its own locations, characters and dialogue to explore.
Journey along with us through this series of short challenging puzzle stories.

Forum Thread: Linea: An Innerlight Game (by INFINITY GAMES)

Millionaire Trivia & Quiz Game (Free)

iTunes Description

Millionaire Trivia lets you experience the thrilling excitement of fighting for the grand prize of one million through 15 questions.
Just 15 answers to the questions to win 1 million!

In the new game mode “Super Millionaire” winnings increased to 5 million!

Forum Thread: Millionaire Trivia & Quiz Game (by Andrey Abrosimov)

Myst Mobile (Free)

iTunes Description

Journey to Myst Island and begin to unravel the mystery you have been thrust into. As you learn what happened on the island, you will find yourself playing a key role in an epic story whose ending has not yet been written.

The island is full of secrets – learn your surroundings and discover what you can interact with. Each puzzle you solve will bring you closer to exploring more of the island, and reveal methods to reach other stunning and surreal worlds called “Ages”.

Forum Thread: Myst Mobile (by Cyan Worlds)

Ninetails ($0.99)

iTunes Description

【Let’s do 10 laps!】
Circle the field 10 times before the dice run out!

【Cut off all the tails!】
Nine foxes are summoned in one round.
If there is already a fox, it will be leveled up.

Forum Thread: Ninetails- Simple Board Game (by Takahiro Ueda)

Samurai Shodown III ACA NEOGEO ($3.99)

iTunes Description

SAMURAI SHODOWN III is a fighting game released by SNK in 1995.
It is a sequel to SAMURAI SHODOWN II. You can now fill your Rage Gauge,
as well as block attacks mid-air. Player characters now have 2 styles to choose from: SLASH and BUST.
The ways of battle have greatly expanded.

Forum Thread: Samurai Shodown III ACA NEOGEO (by SNK)

Ten Dates (Free)

iTunes Description

Ten Dates is the sequel to the interactive rom-com, Five Dates. Misha, a millennial from London in search of that elusive in-person connection, tricks her best friend Ryan into going to a speed dating event with her. Each with their own five potential matches, Misha and Ryan must pluck up the courage and turn on the charm to date wildly different personalities.

Forum Thread: Ten Dates (by Wales Interactive)

Tomb Raider Reloaded (Free on App Store/Free on Netflix)

iTunes Description

You’re Lara Croft. Discover ancient relics, dodge hidden traps and wield her iconic twin pistols against fierce enemies in this globe-trotting adventure.

Travel through the golden, arch-shaped doors of the treacherous underground tombs, scattered across hazardous mountain caves, flourishing jungles and lush waterfalls.

Solve a wide variety of puzzles and face off against different enemies and bosses — both new and familiar to the Tomb Raider series — including bloodthirsty wolves, poisonous snakes, fearsome golems and magical elemental creatures!

Forum Thread: Tomb Raider Reloaded (by Netflix)

White Out Survival (Free)

iTunes Description

White Out Survival is the first-ever survival strategy game to center on a glacial apocalypse theme. Fascinating mechanics and intricate details await you to explore!

The catastrophic decline in global temperatures has wreaked havoc on human society. Those who have made it out of their crumbling homes are now faced with a new set of challenges: vicious blizzards, ferocious beasts, and opportunistic bandits looking to prey on their despair.

As the head of the last city in these icy wastes, you are the only hope for humanity’s continued existence. Can you successfully guide the survivors through the ordeal of adapting to the hostile environment and re-establishing civilization? The time for you to rise to the occasion is now!

Forum Thread: White Out Survival (by Century Games)

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