Dark and Darker Solo Guide

Dark and Darker has become a very popular Dungeon Crawling Fantasy FPS, even though players only have access to the demo version. The game is slated to go live during the fourth quarter of 2023. However, there might be several test versions coming before the official release. This means gamers will have multiple chances to try out the game. If you’d instead test out Dark and Darker alone instead of with friends, then learning the best solo classes is something you want to do. 

Dark and Darker Overview

This fantasy FPS game is comparable to more popular titles such as Escape from Tarkov, wherein players enter zones or areas to collect tons of items they can take home. Many obstacles would prevent you from escaping the dungeons, which means you lose everything you have during that run. Aside from traps and hostile NPCs, other players might want to kill you and take your stuff. 

Dark and Darker can be played in squads of three or alone. If you prefer going solo, there are tons of maps available to explore. There are also several classes gamers can explore for single-handed runs, but some jobs are better suited for solo gaming than others.

Best Solo Classes for Dark and Darker

Almost every class in Dark and Darker is viable for solo gameplay, but some excel far better. These jobs have good damage-dealing capabilities while also having great survivability and utility. Here are the best solitary jobs for this Fantasy RPG FPS game:

  • Barbarian – This hulking warrior may be slow and clunky, but they have enough HP and tankiness to compensate for the lack of mobility. While being a sturdy class already makes it viable for solo gameplay, their ability to deal powerful damage catapults this job into the top spot for playing alone. They have a lot of health perks that can make them even beefier, which is useful when your playstyle revolves around aggressively charging into fights head-on.
  • Ranger – While they may be considered an A-tier class in team play, Rangers shine bright on solo runs. It’s fast, has good utility skills, and can eliminate targets from afar. Taking out opponents from a safe range minimizes the risk of dying. Your ability to install traps and campfires quickly gives you an edge over others in a survival game. However, players should remember that entering melee combat with this class is a sure way to go home without loot.
  • Rogue – This class sits at the bottom of the tier list regarding team play but rises to the top regarding solo runs. Rogues excel in taking down opponents stealthily, which is easier to do when they don’t have other people watching their backs. It is also extremely agile and quick on its feet, which allows them to deal tons of damage without taking a hit. As a Rogue, you have complete control over when to fight and when to retreat. However, it should be noted that this class is more suitable for more knowledgeable players. 

Optional Solo Class

One class that is good in both solo play and team mode is Fighter. This class has balanced stats throughout the board. They have decent offense and defense, which is excellent for beginners and amateur solo players. If you are new to the game and prefer to play solo, then the Fighter is perfect for learning the ropes. The main gripe with this class is that it does not excel in anything, which means it will eventually lose to other jobs that can scale far better.

Best Dungeon to Grind In

If you are looking for solo play, then make sure to grind in the most optimal zone. The Goblins Cave is the best area to farm for the game’s current version. It has few PvP fights, as most encounters are focused on dealing with annoying goblins. However, players should not let their guard down, as hostile gamers can still appear.

Tips for Solo Play

  • Take it Slow. Avoid being too hasty to avoid triggering traps or accidentally bumping into trouble.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure to listen to the noise and other people’s footsteps so you aren’t caught off guard.
  • Be careful with your movements. Avoid making unnecessary noise that would attract attention. Consider removing your shoes to reduce footstep sounds or avoiding breakable pots.
  • Play with the Death Swarm. Playing with the red zone allows you more flexibility and escape options while in a pickle. Other players tend to leave you alone if you run through a dangerous area, which gives you time to recuperate. 
  • Don’t Worry About Dying Too Much. While you would ideally want to get loot and escape the dungeon, dying is okay in solo games if you are looking for EPX points.

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