Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod is under production by the Skyrim Together team

Hogwarts Legacy only released a short while ago, but there are already plenty of mods in the works. These range from handy alternative control schemes, to even modding out the game’s spider enemies for arachnophobes. But one of the most impressive mods allows you to play Hogwarts Legacy in multiplayer.

A video showcasing a test build of the HogWarp mod was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago. And some may notice that the mod creators are The Together Team. This is the same group that made the Skyrim Together mod, which allows Skyrim to function with online co-op. It passed 90,000 downloads last July, and the creators announced that they’d be moving on. And now we know where.

An unofficial multiplayer mod is coming to Hogwarts Legacy

The Together Team has uploaded three videos of the mod showcasing different aspects of it. The first video is simply proof that the multiplayer mod works in Hogwarts Legacy. But the next upload is far more impressive. It showcases 10 players all exploring Hogwarts and its surrounding areas together. And the most recent upload showcases varied player outfits, as opposed to the default attire.

It’s incredibly impressive that this much progress has been made in such a short time. Plus it could be a ton of fun to explore Hogwarts Legacy in multiplayer. The mod still has some ways to go, though. For example, if other players are on brooms, it just plays the default running animation instead. Other players also phase through doors instead of opening them. Of course, these players could know some weird spell that makes that possible.

PC Gamer interviewed the mod’s sole developer, Yamashi, for more information. According to the interview, Yamashi’s goal is to get the mod working with up to eight players. The mod is also not available to the public just yet, but an early prototype build is available through Yamashi’s Patreon.

When the mod is officially released, it will be open source to allow other developers to use it. There’s no date for when the mod could go public right now. But with the speed at which the mod has progressed, we may hear more about Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer very soon.

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