Shindo Life – Stats Guide: Explanation & Priority

Every time you level up in Shindo Life, you gain stat points, which you can use to increase one of the four stats of your character.

It can be confusing at the beginning of the game to know how these stats work, what they do, and which ones you should prioritize.

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In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about stats in Shindo Life.

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All stats in Shindo Life explained

There are 4 different stats you can increase in Shindo Life, each of which improves one aspect of your character’s combat abilities.

Here is an explanation of each stat in Shindo Life:

  • Chi: The Chi stat determines both the maximum amount of Chi and Mode energy your character has, as well as mode and bloodline mode damage. Increasing Chi increases all of these things.
  • Nin: The Nin stat, also known as Ninjutsu, determines both the damage you deal when using Ninjutsu abilities (bloodline moves, element moves, and sub-ability moves that are not Taijutsu), damage when using mode moves, and how fast you heal Chi when holding ‘C’. Increasing Nin increases all of these things.
  • Tai: The Tai stat, also known as Taijutsu, determines both the damage of all physical moves, which include m1 attacks (except when in mode), some Q-spec moves, throwable, and Taijutsu sub-abilities, and your maximum stamina. Increasing Tai increases the damage of all of these.
  • HP: The HP stat, also known as Health, determines the maximum health of your character and the amount of damage you can block in a single block. Increasing HP increases both of these.

How to spend stat points

When you’ve leveled up in Shindo Life and gained some stat points, here is how to spend them:

  1. Open the menu by pressing ‘M’ on your keyboard
  2. Select the “Stats” tab at the top
  3. Click the “+” button next to the stat you wish to level up
  4. Type in the number of stat points you wish to spend in the “[TYPE AMOUNT]” field
  5. Click the “[CONFIRM]” button, and the stat will now be increased

What stats to prioritize in Shindo Life

What the best stats prioritize in Shindo Life are depends on your current level and setup.

At the beginning of the game, when you are low-level, you should prioritize and only level up the Tai and HP stats.

This is because your primary way of dealing damage is by using basic mouse 1 attacks and your Q-spec (Q-button attack. M1 attacks are affected by the Tai stat, and most Q-spec attacks are as well.

The reason why you need to increase HP is so you can survive fighting enemies. Only if you plan to only train on training logs can you not increase your HP stat at the beginning.

Once you’ve leveled to around level 115 using Taijutsu attacks, have around 1k Tai and HP stat, and have obtained some bloodline, element, or sub-ability moves, you should start prioritizing the Nin stat.

This will increase the damage of all moves from your bloodlines, elements, and sub-abilities, which are going to be your primary source of damage.

Besides Nin, you also need to put points into the Chi stat to increase your maximum Chi and Mode energy. How many points you should put into Chi depends on how much Chi your moves require. You want to be able to use a whole combo (around 4-5 moves) without having to stop and recharge Chi.

You should put points into HP based on how you’re doing against enemies. If you can take out groups of enemies without dying, you don’t need to put more points into HP. However, if you are dying a lot, you should add points to HP.

You only want to keep prioritizing Tai stat if you specifically use a build that is Taijutsu based like using a special weapon as your main damage source, or want to level up training against training logs while being afk.

Don’t worry about spending your points incorrectly, as for most rank levels you’ll end up maxing out your stats. Also, if you wish to become even stronger, you need to rank up your character, which brings you back to level 1 again and resets all your stats but gives you additional bonus points to use.

That’s everything you need to know about stats in Shindo Life, including how they work and which are the best ones to prioritize.

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