Venom And Mephisto Star In Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ New Story Expansion

Marvel’s Midnight Suns gets its second story expansion next week in the form of the aptly titled “Redemption.” It stars Venom, looking to right the wrongs he’s committed, but he’s going to have to overcome the powerful demon Mephisto to do it. 

The trailer shows Eddie Brock, having recovered from the events of the main campaign, making a deal with Mephisto to help rid himself of his darkness. Naturally, this goes about as well as you would expect, leading to Venom joining the Midnight Suns as a playable character to battle this formidable demonic threat. 

Redemption will be available on February 23. It comes included with the game’s season pass. Firaxis’ role-playing strategy take on the Marvel universe has already received DLC in the form of a Deadpool character and mission pack. Despite the game receiving positive reviews (including cracking Game Informer’s Top 10 Games of 2022), it was recently revealed to have underperformed in sales.

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