Farmside From Team17 and The Label Is Out Now As This Week’s New Apple Arcade Release Alongside Some Notable Updates – TouchArcade

This month’s second Apple Arcade Original is Farmside () from Team17 and The Label. Farmside is a farming simulator featuring decorating, orchards, crafting mechanics, and farming as you work towards building your ideal farm. It has controller support as well, but works nicely with touch controls. Check it out here on Apple Arcade if you’d like to play it. Alongside Farmside, a few notable Apple Arcade games have gotten updates over the last week including some with Valentine’s Day themed events. A few days ago, Spire Blast added a Valentine’s special featuring extra rewards following the color of love. What the Golf? added support for an April Fool’s day holiday event (rather early).

farmside apple arcade download february 2023

Pac-Man Party Royale brings in 32 unique missions in the Adventure mode to unlock exclusive outfits, 12 new achievements, and more. SpongeBob SolitairePants brings in 25 new levels, 6 new decks, events, and more with version 1.1.1. Fallen Knight brings its second update for Rise of the Fallen featuring the second episode, a new boss, new upgrades, and more. Check out our forum threads for Pac-Man Party Royale here, SpongeBob SolitairePants here, Fallen Knight here, and Farmside here. For all Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of this month’s releases so far?

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