Apple TV’s Tetris Movie Looks Fantastic In New Trailer

Tetris is a new original film coming to Apple TV+, the iPhone maker’s streaming service, and if the first trailer for it is any indication, it looks like a great time. 

Released yesterday, Tetris begins with the classic Europe song, “The Final Countdown,” which then aptly transitions to Korobeiniki, the main theme of Tetris (you know the one). The trailer then showcases how Taron Egerton’s character is deadset on bringing Tetris to everybody after playing it once. Unable to get falling tetrominos out of his head, Egerton’s character heads to the Soviet Union to convince the game’s creator that he can make him a millionaire. 

Check it out for yourself in the Apple TV+ Tetris trailer below

As you can see, Tetris looks great – funny, suspenseful, dramatic, and a seemingly great retelling of how the “greatest game ever made” made its way to our hands via the NES and Game Boy. 

Tetris is directed by Jon S. Baird and written by Noah Pink. It begins streaming on Apple TV+ on March 31. 

Are you going to check Tetris out next month? Let us know in the comments below!

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