RimWorld – How to Do Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

Human bodies are not powerful enough to survive in a world such as RimWorld. Due to this problem, many players might want to improve their pawns with bionic upgrades.

However, once you have discovered these incredible bionic upgrades for your colonists, you never got an explanation on how to place them on the pawns.

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The way you can add bionic body parts to your pawns in RimWorld is through surgery. It is relatively simple to order a surgery, but not so easy to survive it.

Here is how you can do surgery in RimWorld, to give your pawns bionic body parts or extract some organs from prisoners for silver.

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How to Do Surgery in RimWorld

To do surgery in RimWorld, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the pawn you want to do surgery on.
  2. Open the Health information and select Operations at the top of the menu.
  3. Press the Add bill button and choose the operation you want to do.
  4. Choose one of your hospital beds while controlling the pawn that is supposed to undergo surgery, and choose the Bed Rest option.
  5. Select the doctor that is supposed to do the surgery and right-click the patient. Choose the Prioritize operating option and wait for the pawns to do the surgery.

To actually get the doctor to do the surgery, you will also need to have some medicine ready in a stockpile.

How to Increase Chance of Successful Surgery in RimWorld

Surgeries in RimWorld have a very high chance of failing. This failure can often result in permanent bodily damage or death.

To make sure that your pawns don’t die during the operation, here are a few things you can do to increase the chance of successful surgery:

  • High Medical Skill
  • Sterile Hospital
  • Vital Monitor
  • Light
  • Glitterworld Medicine

The Medical skill of the doctor is the most important thing when deciding if surgery is going to be successful or not.

Once a doctor reaches level 10 Medical, then they have a 90% chance to do a successful surgery. After that point, they will receive a 2% chance until level 20, where you will have a 110% chance.

Having over 100% chance of doing a surgery successfully actually just means that you will have a 98% chance since that is the upper cap for surgeries.

This means that having a great doctor with 100 Manipulation and Sight is more than enough to do a successful surgery in RimWorld.

The other things can also increase the chance of a successful surgery, but stuff like glitterworld medicine is usually not worth it.

Just make sure the room has sterile floors, since dirtiness can lower the chance of a successful operation, and that there is light in the room.

What Kind of Surgeries Can You Do in RimWorld

There are a couple of surgeries you can do on pawns, animals, and mechanoids. For pawns, you will mostly have access from the start of the game to operations where you can harvest most organs, install wooden limbs, and euthanize.

Later in the game, you will gain access to bionic body parts and implants that can make your pawns more powerful than with their normal human body.

For animals, you will mostly be able to sterilize them and euthanize them. You can also do surgery on mechanoids to remove their body parts.

That’s everything you need to know about how to do surgery in RimWorld!

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