Fire Emblem Engage – What Does Horse Manure Do?

Fire Emblem Engage has many items that can be discovered and earned as rewards during your playthrough, each with unique uses and purposes.

There are also various item categories, including ingredients, consumables, materials, crystals, and gifts.

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Horse Manure is a strange addition to the gift item category, allowing you to give your units perhaps the most unappealing gift they’ll ever receive in their lifetime. Horse Manure can be found or purchased from more than one location, so if you’re looking for bizarre interactions and hilarious dialogue reactions from your units, that’s the only thing the gift of Horse Manure is good for.

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What Does Horse Manure Do in Fire Emblem Engage

Horse Manure is a gift item in Fire Emblem Engage, and expectedly, not a very well-liked or appreciated option to provide to your units.

Not a single unit in the entire Fire Emblem Engage game will appreciate receiving a gift of Horse Manure, meaning it’s less than ideal if you want to raise your bond level with a specific unit.

While Horse Manure will not earn a positive reaction from any unit in the game, it also does not negatively affect your support levels, making it more of a joke item.

What Should You Do With Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Engage

Truthfully, there is little you can do with Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Engage. This is because it fits within the gift item category, yet every unit within the game has a hatred towards receiving it.

However, occasional uses for Horse Manure can earn you a laugh or two. Perhaps there’s that one pesky unit or two that you can’t stand, and you’d love to prank them and see the looks of disgust on their face when they receive the unfortunate gift.

You can find Horse Manure most commonly from the horse stable at the farmyard in Somniel or in some post-battle exploration scenarios.

You can pick up Horse Manure from sparkling yellow patches on the map that indicate collectible items.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Horse Manure from the Flea Market, unlocked in Somniel from Chapter 13 onwards.

You’ll need to keep in mind that the items in the Flea Market change with each chapter or skirmish completed, so Horse Manure will only sometimes be in stock.

Once you have your Horse Manure, you can choose to gift it to a unit of your choice. After receiving this supposed gift, all units react in disgust and have very amusing reactions toward the Divine Dragon in the following scene.

There are no other negative effects or long-lasting consequences, so if you’re in a pranking mood or want to get a reaction out of someone, go ahead and pick your target.

That’s everything you need to know about Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Engage and what it does.

Have you gifted this item to a unit? Feel free to let us know which individual you caught off guard and what their reaction was in the comments below.

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